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3 Types of Demanding Home Buyers and How to Deal with Them


Let’s face it – some Las Vegas home buyers are a bit more demanding than others. You might be dealing with a buyer who wants to renegotiate the sale price you’ve already agreed on or a buyer who wants to nickel and dime you on every issue. The last thing you want is to lose the sale, so how can you move forward with the buyer you have without losing your mind?


Below are three types of demanding home buyers and tips for dealing with them. 


1. The Bargain Hunter 

Moving is expensive, so it’s understandable why many buyers look to save a buck. But this is obviously not fun for the seller! Not only can it be insulting to accept low-ball offers, but also you could lose the sale to the buyers if you don’t meet their demands. Many sellers find that this happens after the inspection when the buyers learn of all the things “wrong” with the home. 


To deal with these types of buyers, we recommend getting everything in writing and securing deposits. This will offer you protection if they do come back and try to negotiate a lower price. 


2. The Entitled One 


Some buyers have very little boundaries. They might feel like they’re entitled to your home – like they own it already. They might not like your paint color or decor, or they might want to drop by and see the property again. 


Our recommendation: Try to be patient. This doesn’t mean you have to give into the demands, but it’s important for the buyer to feel happy with their investment. If they don’t get the hint, you’ll have to set boundaries and be honest about what is acceptable and not. 


3. The Negotiator


The negotiating home buyer shares many similarities with the bargain hunter except that they view everything as a negotiation. They might try to negotiate with you after the inspection, before the closing or over the listing commission. It seems like everything is a negotiation – never a cut and dry situation, even when it should be. 


Our advice is to be proactive. Once the buyer approaches you, you’ll have to play catch up. Having conversations early, going over your options and using good problem-solving skills are all ways to work well with a master negotiator. 


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