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Hottest Zip Codes in Las Vegas

Hottest Zip Codes in Las Vegas


Look no further than fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada to find your dream home. Our quickly-growing city is getting bigger everyday. Most people relocating to Las Vegas are coming from just a few hours away in Los Angeles, and other major cities on the West Coast. The housing market in Los Angeles has been growing more desperate as the city struggles with an influx of people priced out of even more expensive cities. Las Vegas, a desert oasis with not just water, but affordable homes, has attracted many. It’s not just the bright lights of the strip, but the University, upcoming stadium, and family-friendly activities and attractions make Las Vegas a playground for anyone that arrives.


Why Vegas?


why live in Las Vegas

Home to Robin Leach, Celine Dion, and Criss Angel, the hottest zip code in Las Vegas is all of them – particularly in summer. All jokes aside, with an array of super-star talent at its fingertips in an affordable city, it’s easy to see why Las Vegas would be an ideal location. Though the market for homes under a certain price is more competitive than it is for more expensive homes, there are still quite a few options out there, and more going up every day. Watch out, though – home prices across the United States, even in Las Vegas, have been creeping up. In fact, 2018 was one of the best years for Las Vegas real estate, financially speaking.


With that, the heat of Las Vegas summers is no joke – the triple digits is typical, even in the earliest parts of summer. And the heat continues to rise as global temperatures do the same, so sunscreen, shade and plenty of water will be the rule from April on through September. Wherever you move in Las Vegas, you won’t be far from the world-class dining and entertainment of the Las Vegas strip, the scintillating Downtown scene, or the dozens of beautiful and relaxing spas and golf courses located in and around Las Vegas.


89031/89081 – North Las Vegas


Close to Northgate and south of Centennial Boulevard are these communities. Located in the City Limits of North Las Vegas, this quiet neighborhood has grown into a community of new arrivals and local families. This, of course, could be said about most places in Las Vegas, but this little city has wonderful homes and schools. The Valley Area is strategic to Nellis Airforce base, where many of our brave military service people are stationed, ready to defend our country.


89014/89074 – Henderson


Henderson, Nevada is a small city next door to Las Vegas, located southeast of downtown, and the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. It’s considered to be part of the greater Las Vegas Metro area, and offers cultural events, entertainment, and fun food experiences. With population of just over 300,000, Henderson is attractive to many due to its comfortable distance from the wild nights of the Strip, but is also close enough for an evening out. If the night scene isn’t your scene, Henderson is located just next door to the large and beautiful Sloan National Conservation Area. Outdoors lovers can take advantage of a litany of  hiking trails, hunting and fishing opportunities, and exhilarating mountain biking.


89131/89129 – Las Vegas


These areas near Corn Creek and North Las Vegas has enjoyed a steady growth along with the the rest of Las Vegas.  Boasting a variety of single-family homes for sale, these zip codes are strategically-located to the North Las Vegas airport, and right next to the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino. If you’re looking for a quick way to get out and away from the city lights, you’re right next door to the miles and miles of trails located in Red Rock Canyon, you’re surrounded by parks, and hop, skip, and a jump away from Mount Charleston. Take a beautiful journey through the mountains to Charleston Peak for the view of a lifetime. Still want more? You’ve still got Bonanza Peak, and the beautiful surrounding valleys.  


89166 – Las Vegas


For a place that’s more isolated, and where you can buy a perfect piece of land for the home of your dreams, look no further than the 89166 zip code. Far and away from both the party center and the suburbs, this zip code has all of the space you need for a custom home with a breathtaking desert garden. If you’re looking to build a home, try sticking close to the major thoroughfares – Lee Canyon is becoming more and more popular, so traffic is something you’ll want to plan for, just in case.


89178 – Las Vegas


Head southwest of downtown Las Vegas to get a piece of the action in Rhodes Ranch-Enterprise area. With plenty of space, lots of outdoor activities, and within a few minutes of Wet’n Wild, this zip code is heating up this summer. Whether you’re in love with the desert wilderness, the mountains, or the water, look no further than this area for everything that you need: great homes, great eats, and a great quality of life.  


89148 – Las Vegas


Quiet and surrounding an elegant, popular golf course, the Rhodes Ranch area is attractive to anyone shopping for a home. Close to a water park for those hot summer days, Rhodes Ranch has food and fun with plenty of parks for outdoor interludes. From here, you’re just a short distance away from the outlets, the airport, and the famous Las Vegas sign.


Hottest Zip Codes in Las Vegas


Think you know Las Vegas? Good. There’s always something new and exciting to explore in Las Vegas. The city is experiencing renewed popularity, though not for the glamorous scene on the strip, but for residential properties, and everything that a growing family could need. Even if you’re a single person looking for a home in Las Vegas, you’ve got a variety of options that can range in price from very cheap to extravagant. If you don’t know Las Vegas, get to know us. Still need help? Contact your local real estate agent, and they’ll help you with anything you need to find your Las Vegas home.