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With an advent in technology there are various sectors that have reported a boom in their business. One such sector is real estate where the technology has made it super easy to connect with tenants and landowners.


There are various apps for real estate owners and agents which can make everything easy for you. So let’s take a look at a few of these.




Zillow is one of the most popular and known apps when it comes to real estate. It is one of the leading apps that makes it easy for people to know the estimated rent or value of a home, offers trends of sales prices and even provides a predictability report for your home value. Buyers can too benefit from this amazing app where they can easily look up to homes of their budget and browse by locations.


Property Base


Property Base provides its users with every kind of facility and user experience that people in the industry of real estate need. Be it buyers or be it the brokers, their app is very easy to use and they provide a strong salesforce based CRM with MLS integration and IDX lead-generating websites working in integration to provide the right used experience.




There are various bots such as Freshchat that provide an AI experience to help solve the problems of people working in the Real Estate Sector. People in Real Estate use Freshchat to add live chat option and hence this app can answer the questions as soon as possible. This way the leads get converted into customers even when there is no human being present to talk to them.




RedFin works both as an App as well as like a brokerage firm. This app works on an algorithm that provides the most accurate details to people trying to find homes or trying to find the right kinds of tenants. The best feature that this mobile app provides is a filter to see the homes that are available and that can give anyone an idea of what kind of homes are there in an area and the kind of budget one has to have for the cost of living.


The fees for RedFin is lower than the kind of fees one has to pay to traditional agents. Hence it is a pocket friendly one stop solution.




Trulia works with Zillow, but Trulia offers the best space to those who actively search for homes. The features that Trulia provides which help its customers are abilities to filter the search by specific home feature, for e.g. you might want a one room set including kitchen in the room itself, or a one bedroom hall kitchen with a chimney installed in kitchen. Trulia helps you search with these customized needs and that can be great for any home searcher.




Xome offers the search related to real estate just like many other apps of this sort. But it has an amazing feature and that is, it has an option to make you see the real estate auctions. Xome extract certain auctions through its MLS but there are various auctions that are completely exclusive for the Xome platform. The homes that get listed on to the Xome section of the website have various options of deals such as bank owned, foreclosed, short-sale and standard home listing etc. This feature lets the investors keep an eye on the best of deals and helps them invest for a great profit.


Bigger Pockets


Bigger Pockets work as a guide for a lot of resources that can make its users aware about the trends in real estate and educate them about this sector as a whole. These resources are free of cost and can help develop good insight into real estate. Resources such as blog post, podcasts, ebooks, guides, and forums. A lot of people who need prior knowledge in order to make an informed decision about a property and an investment can rely on these resources and also get an idea of current trends in real estate. This can help plan the budget of investment as well as return on investment for various people involved. It provides a win-win situation for everyone. has gained a position of being an official search portal that the National Association of Realtors rely on. makes it fairly easy for anyone to connect with a local property dealer and can also help in providing a proper agreement. This website uses Multiple Listing Systems where anything that gets listed on this site, gets listed on various different websites. It also enjoys a vast range of properties that are listed on its portal.


Finding or selling a home can be a tough feat and hence technology has made it easier for us to carry on with these daunting tasks. However, these apps are the best apps that one can use and turn these complex tasks into simple ones. So make sure to download these and reap the benefits out.

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