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Should You Sell Your Las Vegas House if You’ve Lost Your Job?

Should You Sell Your Las Vegas House if You've Lost Your Job


Since March, the U.S. has lost 20.6 million jobs, resulting in an unemployment rate of 14.7 percent – a level that has not been seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s. In Las Vegas alone, the unemployment rate has climbed to 33.5 percent. In December, it was just 3.5 percent.


If you are someone who has lost your job, you’re probably going over many different scenarios. Because Las Vegas relies so heavily on tourism, it’s hard to know when things will return to normal. Rather than waiting around, you may have no choice but to take action today. 


What If I Can’t Afford My Mortgage? 


One of the biggest bills that American families have to pay each month is their mortgage. If you’ve lost your job and can’t pay your mortgage, there are several options available: 


  • Refinance for a lower payment plan
  • Send partial payments for a temporary period 
  • Suspend the mortgage for a few months while you get back on your feet


If these options don’t work for you, the next reasonable option may be to sell your house fast in Nevada. This may not be your first choice, but for some families, it’s the only way to make ends meet. 


Selling Your House When You’ve Lost Your Job


If you’ve come to the decision that it’s time to sell your Las Vegas property, you have two options: you can sell the home with a realtor or sell the home as-is to cash buyers. 


In times like this, you might not have the time to wait for a realtor to sell your home. In the meantime, you’ll still be responsible for paying the mortgage and utilities, and you’ll have to pay for any repairs or updates the house needs to sell. Also, realtors charge for their services, so expect to pay commissions, closing costs and other fees.


Selling your house for cash in Las Vegas is a different process, and it can be especially helpful during a time like this. Homes are sold as-is for cash, meaning that the condition your home is in today is how it will be sold. There’s no need to clean, organize, stage or even move out the furniture! Plus, you can close in as little as one week and walk away with the full cash offer. We even cover closing costs! 


Get Your Free Cash Offer Today 


Are you interested in selling your home for cash after a job loss? Contact We Buy Any Vegas House today for a free, no obligation cash offer. Our simple, straightforward process can get you out of this difficult situation and living more freely – with some cushion in your pocket!