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4 Hurdles with Selling a Hoarder House in Nevada

4 Hurdles with Selling a Hoarder House in Nevada


Are you responsible for selling a hoarder house in Nevada? Whether it’s your house or someone else’s house, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed about the process. Selling a house in good condition is stressful enough, let alone when it’s filled to the brim with junk. For now, cleaning out the house and moving may be your ultimate goal. 


Struggles with Selling a Hoarder House 


When you do a quick search on houses for sale in Nevada, you’ll see that most houses are clean, uncluttered and professionally staged. These properties sell fastest because people can envision themselves living there. Buyers also prefer move-in ready properties because there isn’t a lot of work involved. 


Hoarder homes, on the other hand, don’t provide these benefits. They’re messy and cluttered, so potential buyers have a harder time picturing themselves living there. Hoarder homes also require a lot of work. Not only do they need a deep cleaning, but also it’s likely that they need quite a few improvements and repairs. 


Let’s look closer at the struggles of selling a hoarder house in Nevada.


  • You can’t take interior photos of the house. It’s not possible to take clean, detailed photos of a hoarder house. Even if you clean up everything, you’ll often find stains, damaged carpeting and spots on the wall left behind. 


  • You can’t host open houses. Open houses can be a great way to increase traffic and buyer interest. But you can’t host an open house in a hoarder house. The property won’t be show-worthy, and it may have other dangers like mold, mildew or tripping hazards.


  • It takes time and money to clear the house. If you can’t host an open house or list the property on the MLS, you may have no choice but to clear out the house. You may also want to consider having the house cleaned, painted and repaired.


What Is the Best Way to Sell a Hoarder House in Nevada? 


There is a way to sell a hoarder house in the exact condition it is – no repairs, improvements, cleaning or sanitizing required. When you work with a cash buyer, you can sell your Nevada property in as-is condition. Cash buyers are real estate investors who pay cash for houses, then fix them up and sell them to someone new. 


With all the work cash buyers are prepared to put into the property, they don’t care if there’s a bit of mold or mildew to clean, stains in the carpet or holes in the wall. They plan to update all of this anyway! And if there are belongings inside, cash buyers will still accept the house! They’ll pay a junk removal service to take everything out.


Additional benefits to selling your hoarder house for cash are no realtor commissions, no open houses, no inspections or appraisals and no closing costs. You get to keep your full cash offer and walk away ready to start a new chapter. To get a free cash offer from We Buy Any Vegas House, contact our team of cash buyers today.