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5 Signs it’s Time to Downsize Your House in Las Vegas

Is it time to downsize? What once may have been the perfect home to raise your family might now seem too large and too overwhelming to care for. You may be ready for something else, whether it be small and quaint or new and modern. And, as you make the decision to downsize, you also get a fresh start on where to live. 


Many neighborhoods in Southern Nevada make a great place for older adults who are retired, including North Las Vegas, Boulder City and Henderson. For example, in Boulder City, over 30 percent of the population is over 65 years old. You can spend your days on the shores of the Hoover Dam with close access to the city – but without all the noise. 


Below are some signs that it may be time to downsize to a home that is more comfortable for your needs. 


1.Overwhelming Maintenance 


Maintaining a property is a big job, but most homeowners are able to keep up with the work. If you feel that you no longer have the energy, interest or funds to maintain your home, it’s time for a change. You can find a new home with less maintenance. Of course, homes will always entail some level of upkeep, but it should not be a source of frustration. 


2. Empty, Unused Space 


Your bedrooms may have once been filled with children’s beds, dressers and toys, but now they sit empty. The problem with having unused, empty space in the home is that you are paying to heat it, cool it and keep it clean. Why not put this time and money into space that you’ll actually use? 


3. Rising Monthly Expenses 


Not only does it cost money to heat and cool your home, but also bigger homes are more expensive in terms of property taxes, utility costs and maintenance. These expenses can be difficult to afford when you’re living on a fixed income. By downsizing to a more comfortable home, you can save on these expenses.


4. Could Benefit from a Boost in Income 


Maybe you need a boost in income to cover your living expenses, pay for medical care or take a vacation. You deserve to enjoy your retirement – you’ve worked hard for it! Rather than taking out a reverse mortgage or adding to your credit, you can sell your house and get a nice lump sum of cash. You are then free to use this money as you choose. Some people even decide to rent in Las Vegas until they know where they want to live. 


5. No Longer Meets Your Needs 


A large family home is typically not conducive to someone who wants to age in place. When you downsize, you also get a home that has a more practical layout for growing older. Maybe it has a first-level bedroom or a bathroom with handle bars and a barrier-free shower. A new house allows you to meet your current needs, simplify your life and age in place. 


Get Your Free Cash Offer

If you feel that you are ready to downsize, contact We Buy Any Vegas House for a free cash offer. Selling your property for cash can be a great way to start fresh. This is especially helpful for older adults with homes that require a lot of repairs and updates. We Buy Any Vegas House will pay cash for your property and cover most closing costs, so contact our cash buyers today!