5 Signs You've Outgrown Your Home in Las Vegas


When you’re first starting out, it makes sense to buy a starter home. A starter home allows you to own your own home, build some equity and upsize later on. What many people don’t realize is that “later on” comes quickly. By now, your life may look very different from what it did a few years ago – families, careers and other circumstances happen.


Upgrading or upsizing your current home is a big decision for many families because they’ll be taking on a new loan while having to sell their current home. So how do you know when it’s really time? Here are five signs that you’ve outgrown your Las Vegas home. 


1. You’re repurposing spaces in the home. 


It doesn’t take long for a family to fill out a home. If you find yourself repurposing every corner, it’s probably time to get something bigger. Some of the most common ways people repurpose is by combining a baby’s room with the guest room, using the kitchen table as an office or setting up a play area in the dining room.


2. You can’t host because the home is too cluttered.


Another sign you’ve outgrown your space is that you’re not able to host family gatherings, holidays or barbecues. There’s too much clutter, not enough room to sit, not enough bathrooms, etc. If you’re someone who loves to host, you’ll be happy upsizing to a spacious home with an open floor plan. 


3. You’re working from home. 


More people are working from home due to coronavirus. Whether it’s short- or long-term, it’s not a bad idea to have a dedicated home office in your Las Vegas home. This way, you can comfortably work at home and be productive. Otherwise, you’ll always be sharing your time and attention with the rest of the household.


4. Your yard is too small (or too big).


As families grow, most households prefer to move up to a larger yard that makes room for a swing set, swimming pool, volleyball net, etc. With a larger backyard, you can also entertain more! On the flip side, it’s possible that you want to downsize your yard and put this money into a larger house. Not all families care to be working in the yard all weekend. 


5. You want a better sense of community. 


Neighborhoods change. It’s possible that you’ve outgrown your community. You may be ready to leave behind your current street and move to a neighborhood with better schools, a closer proximity to shopping and streets lined with kids and families. 


Sell Your Home for Cash 


Not everyone who’s ready to move cares to go through the traditional home sale process. If you want to avoid working with a realtor, paying fees and commissions, having people track through your home and waiting for an offer, a cash sale may be the better option. You can skip over all of this and get a fair cash offer in return. Plus, you can sell your home as-is – no need to clean, organize or make repairs.


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