5 Surprising Benefits of Selling Your Home for Cash


Thinking about selling your house for cash in Las Vegas? While this isn’t the best decision for everyone, it makes sense in certain circumstances. People who sell their homes for cash typically need a quick sale because they’re experiencing financial difficulties or going through a divorce. 


Cash sales can also be a great option when you own or inherit a distressed property. In this case, the amount of money you would have to put in to sell it through a realtor isn’t worth it. No matter what situation you are facing, here are five surprising benefits you can expect when selling your home for cash in Las Vegas


1. You get a fast cash offer. 


Wish you could sell your house in a day? Well, it’s possible when you sell your house to a cash buyer! Most will present you with an offer in 24-48 hours. If you accept, the closing process can start right away because the buyers have the cash and don’t need financing from the bank. When you list your home with the MLS, it can take months to get the right offer. 


2. You are not required to make any repairs. 


Whether you don’t have the money or the interest to make repairs to your home, selling for cash makes sense. Las Vegas real estate investors purchase homes in as-is condition and won’t request anything from you. Selling your home through a realtor is a different story. Buyers will usually negotiate repairs that need to be made.


3. You can close in under two weeks. 


As long as everything goes smoothly, most cash buyers can close within the week. Real estate investors have the funds to buy your home and don’t need a loan from the bank. Because of this, inspections, appraisals and loan approvals aren’t necessary. Better yet, cash buyers don’t get cold feet and won’t pull out of the sale as a typical buyer could. 


4. There are usually no contingencies.


Speaking of a quick and easy sale, cash buyers usually don’t have any contingencies that can slow or stop the process. In a traditional sale, there are lots of contingencies – the buyers might have to sell their home first or you might be expected to fix certain issues. Unfortunately, many homes fall through the cracks this way. 


5. You can sell in difficult circumstances. 


Sometimes, sellers face difficult circumstances that force them to sell their homes like divorce, storm damage, foreclosure or other financial problems. Home investors in Las Vegas are usually willing to buy these homes using their own money. They fix them up and sell them to make a profit. This can get sellers out of a difficult situation almost immediately. 


As you can see, there are many benefits to selling your home for cash. If you’re ready to take advantage of your free, no obligation cash offer, contact We Buy Any Vegas House today

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