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5 Tips for Selling a Hoarder Home in Las Vegas

5 Tips for Selling a Hoarder Home in Las Vegas


Do you have a hoarder house in Las Vegas that you need to sell? Selling this type of home is a bit more complicated than selling a home in pristine condition. A hoarder home requires extensive time and attention before listing it to market. Fortunately, there is an easier way to sell a hoarder home in Las Vegas – a cash sale. 


Cash home buying companies like We Buy Any Vegas House purchase homes in as-is condition. This means that they buy hoarder homes in the exact condition they’re in – even with the belongings still inside! Of course, if you want a higher offer, it helps to clean out the home and remove the junk. 


Here are five tips for selling a hoarder home in Las Vegas.


1. Move the Hoarder to Their New Home


If the hoarder is still living in the house, you’ll need to remove them as you prepare the house to sell. Otherwise, this will be too stressful of a situation and they may not let you get rid of anything without a fight. Make the necessary accommodations first, whether you plan on moving a loved one to assisted living or in with a relative. Remember that hoarding is a medical condition and you may have to enlist help from a professional therapist. 


2. Verify Who Owns the Home


Once you move out the hoarder, determine who’s name is on the home. Many families are surprised to learn that homes often have liens on them or are in someone else’s name. Until you get permission from the owner, you can’t do anything with the home. Hopefully, you’ll find out that the home is in your family member’s name and you can move forward with preparing the home for sale. 


3. Clean the Hoarder Home in Las Vegas 


The next step is to remove all the junk from the hoarder home and have it professionally cleaned. This is not an easy task as hoarders often save stuff for years. You’ll need a cleaning crew that specializes in hoarder homes, and you’ll need to rent a dumpster as you clear all the stuff out. Keep in mind that this costs a lot of money, and if you plan on helping, time. 


4. Make Repairs and Updates


Even when the stuff is out, there is still a lot of work to be done. You’ll have to get rid of carpet, curtains, etc. that may be contaminated. You’ll need to address all the things that haven’t been addressed in years, such as broken light fixtures, stained carpeting, holes in the wall, code violations and more. It’s also possible that the home has bigger issues that were never resolved like water damage or mold growth. 


5. Consider Selling the Hoarder Home As-Is 


When you see everything that’s involved in selling a hoarder home in Las Vegas, you may decide that selling to a cash buyer is best. With a cash sale, you can sell the home in as-is condition, with or without the belongings inside. You can get more money if you remove the items, but at least you won’t have to deal with fixing and repairing the home. You can also sell quickly and get cash for the home, which can be used to help your loved one pay for their new living arrangements.


We Buy Any Vegas House is not afraid of hoarder homes! In fact, we buy plenty of them each year! Contact us today to get your free, no obligation cash offer and see how easy and stress-free it is to sell a hoarder home for cash in Las Vegas.