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Can I Sell a Damaged Rental to a Cash Buyer in Las Vegas?

Can I Sell a Damaged Rental to a Cash Buyer in Las Vegas


A rental property in Las Vegas can be a great investment that brings you passive income every month. But what happens when your tenants move out and you’re left with a huge mess? If tenants have damaged your property, or you are tired of being a landlord, know that you do have options. You don’t have to put any more of your hard-earned money into fixing up the rental property – and you surely don’t have to let it go into foreclosure. 


For some landlords in this situation, it makes sense to sell the home to a cash investor. Does this make sense for you, too? Let’s find out. 


What Type of Damage Are You Dealing With? 


First off, it’s important to determine how bad the damage is. Sometimes properties look worse than they are, but all they need is some TLC. Other times, the damage is extensive and would require costly repair work. Here are some questions to ask yourself. 


  • Will the damage cost more to fix than what the home is worth? 
  • How long will it take to make the repairs? 
  • While you’re fixing up the home, can you afford the mortgage payments? 


By answering these questions, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re dealing with. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, We Buy Any Vegas House can help. You do not have to stay attached to your rental property if you don’t want to. 


Yes, You Can Sell a Damaged Rental Property 


When you work with Las Vegas cash buyers, you can sell almost anything. Cash buyers are not particular because they have a huge network of contractors. They also know a good investment when they see one, so they’re not afraid to purchase properties that are in dismay. 


If you choose to work with a realtor and go the traditional route, it will be harder to find a buyer, but not impossible. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to educate yourself on all of your options. 


We Buy Any Vegas House Buys Fixer Uppers in Las Vegas 


We Buy Any Vegas House has helped many people in your situation. We’ve been able to make them an attractive cash offer and close on the property in as little as one week. We’ll take on the headache (we really don’t mind!) because we plan on rehabbing the home and selling it to a new owner. Contact us today for your free cash offer and see how we can make this process simple and stress free!