Can I Still Make Money if I Sell My Home to a Cash Buyer in Las Vegas


When you sell your home to a new owner, there’s no question that you want to make some money off the deal. You can then use this money to make a down payment or cover your security deposit and first month’s rent. Selling your home to a cash buyer in Las Vegas is the key to a quick sale, but can you still make money this way? 


What may surprise you is that you can make money when you sell your house for cash in Las Vegas. In fact, it might even be more than what you would get from a traditional sale. Here are the reasons why. 


No Time Wasted 


It takes time to sell a home. You’ll probably start by organizing and freshening up the space. Then you have to list the home, do the showings and wait for an offer. Because most people use financing to purchase homes, the banks also get involved. This could lead to several more weeks or months to work things out – inspections, appraisals, paperwork and so forth. 


During this time, you’re still responsible for paying the mortgage, utilities and HOA fees. And if the offer falls through or there are contingencies to fulfill, it could mean even more money out of your pocket. With fast cash in Las Vegas, an offer is made right away. If you accept, you can close in about seven days. 


Save on Realtor Costs 


Realtors can bring a lot of value to the table. They’re responsible for taking photographs, listing the home, showing the property to prospective buyers and walking you through the paperwork. But this doesn’t come for free. 


When you sell your home, the realtor will take a cut – usually 6 percent. On the other hand, cash buyers don’t charge any fees or commissions. The offer they make on your property is the offer you get to keep. In fact, We Buy Any Vegas House usually covers closing costs, too! 


Repairs and Renovations Not Necessary 


Today’s buyers prefer move-in ready homes. Most don’t care to purchase a fixer upper in Las Vegas, making these properties difficult to sell. If your home is not in good condition, you could spend a lot of money on repairs, cutting into your profits. Home renovations can be surprisingly expensive!


Cash buyers purchase homes as-is so you don’t have to worry about anything. They have connections with contractors and typically plan on putting some work and money into the home. They see past problems typical buyers will not. 


Get Your Free Cash Offer in Minutes


As you can tell, it is possible to make money by selling your home to a cash buyer. What you can do is compare both scenarios – selling your home the traditional way vs to a cash investor. Be sure to account for all expenses – realtor commissions, repairs/updates, closing fees, etc. to get an accurate idea of what you’d walk away with. 


To get your free, no obligation cash offer, contact We Buy Any Vegas House today. Our offers are fair, our process is quick and there are no fees or commissions to use our services! 

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