Getting as Much Money as Possible from a Home that Needs Repairs


Selling a home that needs repairs will likely look different than if you were to sell a home in excellent condition. This does not mean that your home is any less valuable, but your buyer pool will be more limited. The typical buyer plans to move into the home right away and isn’t interested in making major repairs. Therefore, you’ll have to find the right buyer for your home and also consider which quick fixes may be worth your while. 


Major Repairs vs. Quick Fixes 


Start by getting a realistic assessment of your property’s condition. A great place to start is by comparing your home to other similar properties on the market. You can also tour open houses to see things up close. With this information, you can determine how your house stacks up to the competition. 


Even though Las Vegas is currently a seller’s market, buyers still have high expectations. And if there are other homes for sale in your area, this gives buyers more choices. When there are choices available, most buyers won’t choose a property that needs work. 


So, consider what types of repairs and improvements you are willing to make. Gauging the competition and market conditions will help you decide where you should invest your money. Should you make major repairs? Do a few light upgrades? Or is it best to sell your home as-is? 


Essential Home Repairs 


In some cases, there are repairs that you’ll have no choice but to make. Generally, these repairs are considered safety issues rather than cosmetic issues. A home inspection is likely to flag these issues, but it’s important to be aware of them in advance. 


Home repairs you will have to address include: 


  • Pests such as termites and rodents
  • Mold
  • Lead paint 
  • Roof damage 
  • Electrical issues 
  • Property drainage problems
  • Damaged pipes, sewer connections and septic tanks 
  • Foundation issues 
  • Leaky hot water heater 


Common Minor Repairs 


There are some common minor repairs that you may want to consider before selling your home in Las Vegas. These repairs don’t cost much and can make a difference in your home’s desirability. Examples include: 


  • Painting walls, doors and trim 
  • Repairing holes and cracks in the walls 
  • Replacing the caulking
  • Updating the flooring 
  • Updating the light fixtures 
  • Enhancing the curb appeal 


Selling Your Home As-Is in Las Vegas 


If you don’t have the time or money to fix up your home, another option is to sell it as-is. This is an ideal solution when you want to move quickly or simply don’t have the desire to put more money into your property. 


When you sell your home as-is in Las Vegas, you are not responsible for making repairs and improvements. You can also save on realtor commissions and closing costs. However, you’re still responsible for disclosing information about your property. 


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