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How to Price Your Las Vegas Property to Sell

How to Price Your Las Vegas Property to Sell


Pricing your home just right is harder than it looks. You want to avoid listing your home too high or too low because you may not get the price or interest you deserve. The best strategy is to consider the comps in your area and adjust your price accordingly. Be sure to keep an objective frame of mind as well. Sellers often have an emotional attachment to their properties that can cloud their decision making. 


Below are some helpful tips for pricing your Las Vegas home to sell. 


Don’t Price It Too High 


First impressions matter. When you first debut your home, you want to attract the right buyers and draw in several offers. But if your price is too high, it can push buyers away and possibly be excluded from their online search. 


Let’s say that you want to sell your home for $399,000, but you list it for $415,000 to see if anyone will pay more. Buyers who are looking for homes under $400,000 won’t see your home in their search. This means that you’re missing out on potential buyers who would be willing to give you what you want. 


Don’t Price It Too Low 


At the same time, you don’t want to price your home too low. Some people do this to generate interest and spark a bidding war, but it could also cause you to leave big money on the table. Unless you need to sell your Las Vegas home fast for cash, it’s best to set a fair price for your home. Also, if your price is too low, it could send the message that something is wrong with your property. 


Consider Neighborhood Comps


Comps are comparable homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold. See how your home stacks up to others on your block! You can then adjust the price based on your home’s condition, features and upgrades. 


If your home is in good, move-in ready condition, you can set your price on the higher end of the comps. But if your home needs work, you’ll want to lower the price so that it’s more attractive for buyers. You can consider making some of the updates on your own, but a lot of times, the buyers will change it anyway. 


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