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I Want to Relocate But I Can’t Sell My Home. What Should I Do?

I Want to Relocate But I Can't Sell My Home. What Should I Do


Moving out of state is an exciting opportunity, but it also brings a lot of change. One of the biggest – you have to sell your home. 


Selling your home for quick cash in Las Vegas isn’t always easy or practical, especially during an economic recession. While you could pick up and move and start your new journey, that means you’re left paying two mortgages. Plus, you’ll still be responsible for maintaining the property you left behind. 


If your Las Vegas home isn’t selling, here are some ways to make things move faster. 


Lower Your Price 


Offers can fall through, especially right now during COVID. To get more offers on your property, consider lowering your price. While you’ll have to take less than you wanted, you can sell faster and avoid additional mortgage payments, utility costs, maintenance fees and HOA payments. Talk to your realtor about reducing your price.


Switch Realtors 


It’s possible that your realtor isn’t the right fit. If your contract is up, you can gracefully switch to another realtor. They may have fresh ideas for marketing your property and getting it sold faster. If you’re still in a contract, however, you’ll need to wait until it’s up. The only time you can work with multiple realtors at once is when you haven’t signed an exclusive agreement. 


Rent Out Your House 


If you’re not willing to take a smaller offer on your home, you may feel more comfortable renting it out. This way, you get to keep the property while collecting passive income. 


Of course, there is always the potential for bad tenants who may not pay on time. And you’ll still be responsible for the property, which means you’ll have to fly/drive back to take care of things or pay someone to handle them for you. 


Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer in Las Vegas 


A cash buyer has the money to make an offer on your home right away. If you accept, you can close in about a week. At this point, you no longer own the home and are free from any responsibilities. The money you get from the sale can be used as a down payment for your new house. 


Additional reasons to sell to Las Vegas home buyers are: 


  • No appraisals or inspections 
  • No realtor fees or commissions
  • No closing costs (usually)
  • As-is sales – no cleaning or repairs necessary 


To get your free cash offer, contact We Buy Any Vegas House today. We buy houses in Las Vegas NV and work quickly so that our clients can take on new opportunities!