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Is It Hard to Sell a Vacant Home in Summerlin, NV?

Is It Hard to Sell a Vacant Home in Summerlin NV?


Do you have a vacant property to sell in Summerlin NV? You might be wondering if it’s harder to sell these types of homes. The answer: Vacant homes don’t have the same impact as fully furnished or staged homes, so they are often more difficult to sell. This doesn’t mean that vacant homes don’t sell – they do. But they tend to take longer. 


According to a recent study, vacant properties sold for an average of $11,306 less and spent six extra days on the market compared to occupied homes. Fortunately, there are things you can do to spruce up your vacant home in Summerlin – and you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing it. Below are some tips that will make selling a vacant home easier. 


Understand the Pros and Cons 


While there are some obstacles to selling a vacant home, there are benefits, too. For example, scheduling showings won’t be as difficult. Because you’re not living in the home, the house can be shown at any time without disrupting your schedule. There are also no essential tasks that need to be taken care of when you do get an offer. The new owners can move in immediately after closing. 


On the downside, vacant properties make it harder for prospective buyers to envision themselves in the home. They may not be able to grasp the room’s layout or feel without furniture. This is why vacant homes tend to sell slower and for less money. But if you understand the pros and cons, you can use the benefits to your advantage. 


Know Your Local Market


Some things are not in your control, and the local housing market is one of them. The market could be in your favor, or it could be in the buyer’s favor. Do your research and understand what properties are selling for in Summerlin. Also get a feel for what buyers in your area find desirable. Even if you don’t have furniture in your home, you may be able to enhance other features such as an oversized island, big windows or crown molding. 


Maintain the Home


Just because your Summerlin home is vacant doesn’t mean it needs to look unkempt. Maintain the property to help sell it faster. Not to mention, some simple maintenance can prevent criminals from realizing that it is a vacant property. Some things to do include: 


  • Keep some lights on 
  • Get the mail 
  • Manage the thermostat 
  • Schedule regular cleanings 
  • Hire regular yard care 
  • Make sure all appliances work 


Consider Staging the Property 


Summerlin isn’t particularly competitive right now according to Redfin, so you may want to consider paying for professional staging services. Staging is hands down the most powerful way to sell a vacant house for the highest value. Research shows that staged homes sell faster and for more than asking price. However, you will have to invest in these services, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. 


Advertise the House


Finally, make sure that you advertise your house. You should have a strong listing that includes your home’s best features, a detailed property description and high quality photos. Share the listing online and try to reach as many people as possible. Hosting an open house and being flexible with showings will get more potential buyers inside the home. 


Want to Sell Your Vacant House in Summerlin Fast? Sell It for Cash!


For many people with vacant properties, the best solution is to sell them for cash. We Buy Any Vegas House will be happy to make an offer on your property. You don’t need to pay for staging, allow people in for showings, host an open house, etc. We’ll even waive the appraisal, inspection and closing fees! We buy houses as-is, and a vacant property is a gem to us! Contact us today to get your free cash offer.