Is it Time to Sell Your Vacant Home in Las Vegas?


Do you remember the excitement and the pride of when you first turned the key to the door of your Las Vegas home? Whether it was your primary residence or a home away from home, you built many wonderful, lasting memories there. It served you well! But that was then. 


Life’s circumstances have now changed and you need to move on. That home is no longer a home to you but a vacant house. Yet it remains your vacant house. You are the still owner. You make the payments. You are responsible for its condition. And you want to sell.


But inertia has set in. Why? Because you know the ropes – it seems to “take a village” in order for a property to be sold: realtors, appraisers, inspectors, underwriters, loan officers, etc. None of these players provide their services for free. But waiting can cost you even more!


What are the Risks of Sitting on a Vacant House in Las Vegas? 


Selling your vacant property in Las Vegas might have you feeling uncertain, but have you considered the extra costs you will incur? The longer your property sits, the more you’ll be dealing with the following: 


  • Making payments on the property. Even if the mortgage is paid off, you still have to pay property taxes. 
  • Keeping the utilities on. Air conditioning, in particular, adds up! 
  • Paying for a lawn service. You still have to keep the curb appeal up. If not, your neighbors might report you to the HOA. 
  • Maintaining a swimming pool. You will need to hire a pool cleaning service to keep the pool clean and in good condition.
  • Protecting the property from vandalism. Unfortunately, vacant homes in Las Vegas are prime targets for vandalism. You may even need to purchase a home security system. 
  • Paying for vacant home insurance. This will cover any potential damage due to vandalism or other disasters.


Sell Your Vacant House for Cash in Las Vegas – It’s Quick, Easy and Painless! 


The costs involved in selling a vacant home can add up quickly. And the longer it remains vacant, the more it costs you. So, you are in a dilemma. You’re not eager to start the arduous process of selling, yet you want the house sold!


What if there was a quicker, easier way to sell? There actually is! At We Buy Any Vegas House,  we shorten and streamline your selling process, thereby reducing your costs – as well as offering you a good, fair market price for your property! 


Does that sound too good to be true? Too risky? Actually, no – it is not. We will offer you a risk-free, no obligation cash offer for your home! What have you got to lose?

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