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Mistakes Made When Selling in Las Vegas

Mistakes Made When Selling in Las Vegas


Selling your Las Vegas home can be as fun as it can be challenging. For many, it can be difficult to part with the place where you’ve made so many memories. For others, out-growing a home comes faster than expected. For anyone looking to sell their home, there are a number of steps to be taken to get your home out there, in front of the buyers who crave a space like yours, and there’s the risk of making a mistake in the process. Las Vegas is growing with more people moving, typically from other states, to start a new chapter with a different pace. The city boasts lots of options for fun, adventure, and world-class entertainment. Somewhere in the throngs of house-hunters is the party that you’re seeking.  


The challenges in selling your Las Vegas home can be discouraging, and sometimes costly. If you’ve found that you’ve made a mistake on this list, don’t worry – there’s a solution. To prevent the mistakes that can set you back in your mission to sell your home, take your time as you move through the home-selling process, and don’t be afraid to reach out to someone for help. 


Mistake #1: Skipping Selling Season


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Spring and Summer, or roughly March through August, are the best times to try to sell your home, whether or not you live in Las Vegas. Part of the reason for this is because school is out: families are generally beholden to the nation’s general school schedule, and these seasons are the times when children all over are on their academic breaks. Removing children from one school and enrolling children in school is already a hassle, but having to do so in the middle of the school year can cause a serious disruption to a child’s education as they struggle to adjust to new surroundings, and keep up with school. For this reason, among others, the single-family residential real estate market rises and plateaus according to the schedules of children and families. Single people and childless couples, of course, are rarely concerned about the timing of the first day of school during a necessary (or unnecessary) move. 


Spring and summer are also the season when more people feel the need to spend more time outside. More time outside in the agreeable weather means more willingness to spend time out shopping for a new home, which can bring more buyers to your (soon-to-be-former) front door. 


Mistake #2: Not Using a Real Estate Agent


You’re never obligated to use any service that you don’t feel is necessary while you’re selling your Las Vegas home, but choosing to contact an experienced, local real estate agent will make things much easier on you. The benefit of hiring a Las Vegas real estate agent is two-fold: you’ll have more time for yourself and your family, and also, more money for your home. Last year, single-family homes garnered an extra $60,000, on average, when the homes were represented by a local real estate agent, versus similar FSBO homes. Part of the reason for this is the fact that real estate agents have access to advertising mediums about which you may not even know. Real estate agents and realtors also have extensive networks that can help them reach people who are looking for a new home.     


Their networks and scheduling flexibility is exactly how Las Vegas real estate agents are able to save you time: an agent’s job includes scheduling and managing open houses, as well as pitching all of the great things about your home to potential buyers, both in an out of your home. You can absolutely schedule and manage your own open house, if you would like, but don’t forget that you’ve hired a professional to do these things for you. Minimize your stress, and allow your agent to do the work that can help you. 


Mistake #3: Not Considering Cash Offers


This option is not the best option for everyone, but if you need to sell your Las Vegas home quickly, or just don’t want to spend as much time worrying about paperwork, the option to accept a cash offer is there for you. Cash offers are a quick, cheap, and easy way to sell your home without all of the worries of a traditional sale. It’s never ideal to have to part with your home before five years have passed, or before a major life event, but when the unexpected happens, it’s an option that can help you out of a tough situation. Yet again, an experienced real estate agent will be the best ally you can have to guide you through the process – and likely, your buyer, as well. If you accept a cash offer for your home, you’ll have the money quickly, and you might be able to close the sale in as little as three weeks. Imagine being ready to move as soon as possible, and actually being able to do so! A cash offer for your home can make this a low-worry, low-maintenance reality. 


Mistake #4: Putting Off Repairs, Especially Big Ones


Long-term homeowners get it: you can easily learn to live with flaws in your home, and you may cease to notice them after a while. When you’re ready to move out of your home, though, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got your home repairs scheduled, and seen through to the end. Make sure, also, that none of your home’s necessary fixes are caused by water damage. Especially in a place as warm as Las Vegas, water damage can create a lot of trouble: all that dangerous and quickly-growing molds need to thrive is water, and darkness, and heat only helps it to thrive. Keeping up with home repairs, exploring all of your options, and considering the services of a real estate professional will help you and your loved ones stay safe and sane as you search for your perfect new home. 


There are a lot of things to consider when you’re selling your Las Vegas home, but you only have to go through the process alone if you would like to. Always consider calling a real estate agent to help you save time and money.