Paint Colors That Can Boost Your Home's Value


Strange though it may seem, something as seemingly insignificant as the color of your dining room might be a difference of thousands of dollars on the profit that you make on your home. For many homeowners, the cost of a couple of cans of paint can pay off big when you’re ready to sell your home. Different colors on homes can have different effects on the way that potential buyers see a home, and all of the rooms within. Choosing the right colors for the right rooms is easier, however, if you know that there are also colors that you should avoid.


Before You Put Your Home on the Market


the right colors for your home

Everyone isn’t in a position to simply sell their home to the highest bidder, and ride into the sunset with the proceeds. If you’ve missed several mortgage payments, your home may be in danger of foreclosure, and this will be trouble. If your home goes into foreclosure, you may be able to work something out, but you will only have a limited amount of time to pay the total cost of your missed payments, and all of the associated fees. Even if your home enters foreclosure, keeping your home in the best and best-looking condition as possible will help you if you need to move away from your home later. A reverse mortgage, however, is designed to keep you in your home, so trying to leave comes with a set of challenges, including paying back what could be thousands of dollars.


If you have a financial situation with your home, make sure that you also take note of necessary repairs, or for any opportunities to update your home. Don’t feel like you have to replace every surface with marble, but it’s good to keep tabs on the condition of your home. If you find that some rooms could use some attention, pay attention to those rooms. While you’re figuring out how to get out of a mortgage situation, make sure that you think about the colors in your home and how you might be able to flatter those colors with a little creativity. Colors in your home aren’t the same priority as your mortgage, of course, but they’re a different priority that also has a direct and tangible effect on your ability to get as much for your home as possible.


Yellows, Reds, and Browns


Here’s the scoop on these colors: if you’re careful, they can work with your home’s exterior, but painting your interior with these colors could cost you. Red, though deeper shades can be rich and seductive, can also really turn-off potential buyers. Even with the deeper shades, red could come off as overwhelming and distressing. Avoiding painting your front door red could also net you a few more thousand on your home’s price. While brown may be rare for interior colors, brown walls are definitely something that you should paint over immediately. Whether your living room is brown, or a bedroom, choose another, lighter, neutral color.


Yellow, too, can overwhelm a potential buyer. If you choose yellow, keep it out of your home, and try it on your home’s exterior. You don’t want a yellow that is too bright, though – that could be too loud for the average potential homebuyer. Try a wash of a lovely pastel yellow, or a muted white-yellow. Pay attention to shutters and siding, too, if your home has it. You don’t have to paint everything on the house one color, but consider some neutral or dark shutters if you’re going to choose a soft yellow for your exterior.


Dark Doors Win


Choosing a dark color for your front door could make as much as a $6,000 difference in the final sale price of your home. As mentioned before, one of the colors you’ll want to avoid is red. Bold, bright doors aren’t in vogue for the home, though they could always make a comeback in the future as home styles change. If you have doors inside, there is no official advice, but keeping dark doors made of the same material throughout the home is always a great, classically beautiful idea.


Blue Bathrooms Are Still Making Waves


Though declining in popularity, blue is still the best color for your bathroom. This soothing color might be reminiscent of a lake, or the sea. Being close to the water is always a nice feeling in a bathroom, though white or beige may replace blue in the near future.


Taupe Is the Name of the Game


For your main living spaces, your living room and dining room, avoid dark or bright colors. The most popular and desirable colors for common areas within the home are taupe, or beige. These colors are cool and neutral, and typically colors associated with Corporate America. Choosing these soft colors for your living spaces can net you as much as $2300 dollars more for your home.


A Formal Choice for Kitchens


Give your kitchen a little love with tuxedo cabinets. Choosing tuxedo cabinets can make as much as a $1500 dollar difference in the final price of your home. This might seem like a small amount, but the solution could be as easy as a paint job, something that most people are able to tackle in a weekend. In addition to attractive cabinets that draw buyers into your kitchen, make sure that your kitchen appliances have been updated, as well. New appliances can increase the value of any home, and choosing energy-efficient appliances can also strongly appeal to potential buyers.


Colors and Color Palettes Matter


If you’re giving your home that love it deserves, you’ll also be sure to make sure that doors, knobs, and windows and looking their best. Wash your windows, make sure that your lawn looks lush and green, and that your flowers looks vibrant and healthy. Once you’ve given your home’s interior a nice makeover, don’t forget to powerwash your sidewalks and driveways as you give your home a nice shade of taupe, or a gentle pastel wash. Whatever colors you choose, make sure to contact a local, experienced real estate agent to assist in you in your search for the perfect buyer.

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