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Selling a Home When You Can’t Afford to Make the Repairs

Selling a Home When You Can't Afford to Make the Repairs


Homes are a lot of work. If you neglect your home, even for a short time, it could cause costly problems down the line. So what happens when you want to sell your home quickly but it needs attention? There are some ways to make your home more attractive without spending all your savings. You also have options to sell your home without spending a penny.


Let’s take a look at your options for selling a home in Las Vegas when you can’t afford the repairs that need to be done. 


Make Minor Repairs


If you can’t afford to make the big repairs, focus on some of the smaller, more affordable ones. Inexpensive fixes like fresh paint and new hardware can have a huge impact. Buyers may also be willing to overlook some of the other issues if you can take care of the more noticeable things. 


Apply for a Home Improvement Grant


Another option you may have is to apply for a government-sponsored home improvement grant. This grant money will allow you to fix up the home. It’s a great option if you’d like to stay in your home while making it healthier and safer for your family. 


Sell Your Home As-Is 


If you want to part ways from your home, you can also sell it as-is. You will have a more limited buyer pool because not all buyers are comfortable taking on these projects. But for a cash investor who isn’t afraid of the work, you can negotiate a good deal with them.


Keep in mind that when you sell a house as-is, you have to come down on price. The buyer needs some room to pay for the repairs. As long as your home has potential, there are many buyers who will offer to buy it as-is. 


Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer


Cash buyers in Las Vegas also buy homes as-is but they pay in cash. This is a great option when your home needs a lot of work but you don’t have the time or money to complete the repairs. In exchange for a lower price, you’ll get someone to buy your home. 


Benefits of working with a cash buyer are: 


  • Close quickly, usually within 10 days or less
  • No showings, inspections or appraisals 
  • No repairs or cleaning necessary 
  • Zero fees or commissions 


Sell Your Home Today for Cash! 


Just because your home needs repairs does not mean it’s unsellable. These homes simply need more TLC to make them attractive. We Buy Any Vegas House buys homes in any condition. Our cash buyers make strong offers and pay cash for homes. We can close quickly, and we typically pick up most closing costs.


To get your free cash offer on your property, contact our Las Vegas cash buyers today!