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Selling Your Las Vegas Home for Cash in a Divorce

Selling Your Las Vegas Home for Cash in a Divorce


Getting a divorce is a stressful experience that affects many aspects of life, including the home. In most divorce cases, the home is the couple’s biggest asset. It’s also the center of family life so it’s no surprise why it can be a source of contention. It’s best if you and your spouse can reach an agreement that works for the both of you. 


Division of Property in a Divorce


Dividing property can be a challenge during a divorce, especially when the courts are left to make the decision. If the home belongs to one of you, it will go to that person. But if both of your names are on the mortgage, it will be split equitably, though this doesn’t necessarily mean evenly. 


If you can, it’s best to work with a mediator who can help you and your spouse come to a decision. Otherwise, the courts will have to decide who gets what. They’ll try to divide things fairly, but you won’t get the ultimate say. If you and your spouse want to move on from your home, it might be best to sell your Las Vegas home fast for cash


How a Cash Buyer in Las Vegas Can Help 


By working with an experienced home buying company in Las Vegas, you and your spouse can work together to sell your home fast. You can also avoid court involvement this way, which ultimately slows down the process. And, you won’t have to put any more into your mortgage, utilities, taxes or HOA fees.  


A cash buyer uses their own money to purchase homes so the process is faster and easier than traditional home sales. Here’s how the process works: 


  • Get in contact with a cash home buyer in your area. They’ll want to know a few details about your home so they can give you a fair cash offer. 
  • Schedule a time for the buyer to see your home. They’re planning to buy your home as-is so don’t worry about cleaning, organizing or fixing anything. The buyer just wants to see what they’re getting.
  • Sign the paperwork. Once you accept the offer, you can start the closing paperwork. Since the buyer is using their own money, there are no inspections, appraisals or negotiations to slow things down.
  • Close on the home. It usually takes about one week to close on the home. You’ll get the cash at closing that you can split with your spouse. 


As you can see, there are many benefits to a cash sale in Las Vegas during a divorce. Rather than fighting with your spouse over which realtor to hire, the repairs to make and the showings to schedule, you can skip over all of this and get cash for your property. To get your free cash offer, contact We Buy Any Vegas House today.