Small Updates That Increase Home Value in Las Vegas


Planning on selling your Las Vegas home for top dollar? One of the best ways to do this is by making small updates that buyers love and are willing to pay more for. The key is choosing updates that increase home value but don’t cost a lot out of your pocket. The projects listed below are all under $1,000, so pick and choose the ones that will help get your Las Vegas home sold fast. Let’s dig in! 


Paint Your Cabinets 


Over time, it’s common for cabinets to look faded, chipped and dirty. But don’t think you need to install brand new cabinets to make your kitchen look fresh and new. All you need to paint your kitchen cabinets is a bucket of paint, a paintbrush and a few hours of your time. We find that white and light gray are the best colors to work with. For an added boost, replace the cabinet hardware as well. 


Add a Kitchen Island 


Kitchen islands are highly desirable for buyers. If your kitchen doesn’t have one, purchase a portable island. Pre-made islands add storage, additional seating and countertop space for preparing foods. By shopping online, you can find a portable island that matches the rest of your kitchen. 


Install New Bathroom Fixtures 


Make your bathroom feel warm and inviting with new fixtures. Brushed nickel matches any style and is generally inexpensive. However, some of the latest design trends include brass and gold accents, so you can entertain these finishes as well. Focus on replacing the fixtures that get rusted like the showerheads and faucets. 


Replace Your Toilets 


Las Vegas home buyers appreciate having new toilets in the home. Can you blame them? Choose an energy-efficient model that looks great and saves money on water. Most toilets cost between $100-$300, though you do have to account for the cost of installation if you can’t do it yourself. 


Add a Functional Bathroom Vanity


Another area of the bathroom that deserves attention is the vanity. People spend a lot of time here getting ready for work, refreshing themselves after a long day and doing their bathroom routine. If your vanity isn’t functional, consider replacing it with a new cabinet, clean countertop and deep sink. You can do this for well under $1,000. 


Upgrade to Ceiling Fans


It’s hot here in Las Vegas, so buyers place a lot of value on having ceiling fans. If you already have ceiling lights, upgrade them to ceiling fans. This way, buyers will get new, soft lighting and a functional fan that keeps their rooms cooler. Choose between matte black, cherry red or clean white blades. 


Get a Free Cash Offer on Your Fixer Upper in Las Vegas 


These are some of the ways you can add value to your home. Don’t forget the other staging essentials like fresh paint, decluttering, curb appeal, etc. If your home needs more than this to make it desirable, or you simply don’t have the time or desire to fix up your home, consider selling it to We Buy Any Vegas House. 


Our Las Vegas home buyers purchase properties for cash. We make strong offers and can close within a week. Best of all, we buy properties as-is, so there’s no need to do anything more but pack up and start your new journey! Contact us today for your free, no obligation cash offer. 

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