Staging Your Home to Sell Quick


One of the best ways to sell your house quickly is to stage it properly and in an intentional way.  Another way to think about it, is that it is like dressing up a home for an event. First impressions matter, so if you can impress your buyers the first time they walk in your house then you have a much better chance to make the sale. According to studies, houses that have been staged sell quicker compared to those that didn’t so. There are simple, and dynamic ways, to do this and below is a list of those ways. Read on for more tips and helpful guidelines that you can use for staging your home. 


12 Tips to Use in Staging a House for a Successful Sale


So how can you stage a house? What do you need to do in order to set up a really good staged home? Here’s what you need to do:


1. Clean Your Clutter 


One of the very first things that you should do when you are about to stage a house is to remove all clutter and clean the house. If you have the time, do a major clean up that includes scrubbing the baseboards and cabinets and removing any cobwebs. Regardless, you should remove all things that you would throw away, and only keep those that you want in a storage area. Make sure to remove all clutter in all spaces and keep the cupboards organized and dust-free. Be overly critical of the status of the home and be an extremely neat freak for a moment. This is very important as guests will be interested in taking a closer look at each of the rooms in your house. 


2. Check the Floors


If your home has carpets, make sure to have it vacuumed. In case you have wood tiles, make sure that it’s polished and no floorboards are creaking. Make sure also to have them re-waxed or re-stained if there are areas that have faded due to usage. Any exposed floors must be nailed and covered well. The point is to make the floors look as crisp and clean as when they were first installed. 


3. Don’t Be Afraid to Add Rugs or Carpets


A house can look bare without a rug or carpet. If you have been living without one then perhaps it’s time that you experiment and see how a rug could look. Adding a rug or carpet can liven up a room, especially if it goes well with your wall color and decor. It also makes the house feel more approachable and comfortable which helps buyers envision themselves living there. 


4. Give Your Walls Some Love


staging a home for sale

There are people out there who love wallpaper and brightly painted walls, however, this is not for everyone. If you want a buyer to be interested in your house, give it a fresh and simple color of the paint. Always choose colors that are neutral as this adds a look of sophistication to a house. Keep in mind that neutral colors can blend well with all types of decor and furniture. Avoid unmatched wallpapers or tacky colors. This could turn off your visitors and potential buyers.


5. Check the Windows


Windows are an important part of the house. In fact, they can always tell what kind of person lives in the house just by looking at their windows. Spray them with glass window cleaner and rub off any stain or dust from your windows to make them appear tidier. If you have blinds or curtains, be sure to clean them as well. Remove any dusty, old and broken blinds. If you have curtains, see if the prints are fading or have tears and if so, replace. Smaller windows appear larger if they have long curtains and if you have one, make sure to pull the curtains at a right angle. Always ensure that the room has plenty of light even if they have curtains or blinds. A well-lit room adds charm to a house too. 


6. Have Open Doors


Make your potential buyers feel welcome by opening your doors for them to check out and wander around your home. Keep the doors open and make sure that the main selling point of the house can be seen from the doorways so that people are easily impressed. If the doors are old, stained or are fading or if the paints cracking and peeling, have them repainted or re-stained. An old door isn’t impressive so if you want to impress people, make sure that your house doesn’t only look good from the inside but from the outside as well. 


7. Designate Decorations for Each Room


Decorations don’t just go with everything.. They are unique and must be placed correctly according to the room you are arranging. Hang mirrors and artwork, but make sure that your choice of decoration is something that future owners can see themselves living in. Remove any personal items like family or wedding photos. Keep in mind that you are selling it, not actually planning on living in the house anymore. 


8. Make a Good Bedroom Set Up


If you are staging the master bedroom or any other bedroom of the house, make sure to add bed linens that are neutral. It should be well placed, ironed and clean. Arrange the pillows in a way that is attractive to buyers. Plump them up and place them accordingly. Choose good colors for your bed and bedroom too. Add indoor plants or anything that could keep the room alive and inviting to viewers. 


9. Choose Good Furniture


Furniture that takes up space or has an awkward shape or design must be removed. Ensure that all tables are clutter-free. Choose furniture that does not eat up space or look out of place (although a little bit of mix and match doesn’t hurt) in the room. In short, avoid putting furniture that doesn’t match the size of the room or house.


10. Shelves Must Be Sorted


If you or your family members are avid readers then make sure that the bookshelf is clean and arranged properly. Remove any unwanted reading materials from it and keep it clutter-free. Avoid over-filling them with items, but instead use the extra spaces for potted flowers, decor and other items that could make the shelf stand out. 


11. Eliminate Odors


Use scented candles, air fresheners or incense to remove any odor from the air. In case you have pets, you may want to consider removing old carpets where your dogs or cats might have made messes on. Make sure to mop the floors with antibacterial floor cleaners too as they help in removing any odor in your house. A thorough cleaning of carpets and rugs can also eliminate the odors too. BONUS: fresh-baked cookies are an old-school trick that still works, so don’t shy away from that either!


12. Make Use of Areas That Are Out of Place


The most common area of the house that has this difficulty is the space under the stairs. You can do is simple things to transform it into a small storage space or even a small area to study in.


Final Thoughts 


Staging a house is a lot of hard work and some homeowners don’t really bother doing it anymore as long as they can sell their house. However, if your goal is to have a quick sale of the house and gain a profit from the sale, staging is a must. Do it and do it well! After all, staging a house is part of the process so why not make most out of it? Good luck!

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