The Home Selling Process: Dos and Don'ts


Selling a home in Las Vegas is a process, no matter how long it takes to sell your home. From prep to research to signing your home over to the new owners, look no further than the process of selling your home for an adventure.


Selling your home will inevitably mean that people are constantly coming in and out of your home. It also means that you’ll have plenty of chances to make a great first impression. But even with the best home in Las Vegas, it’s possible for you to chase off the buyer of your dreams with negative interactions, or if your home isn’t truly ready, or worse, if you’ve skipped perfecting a room or two. If you’re serious about selling your home, you should also make sure that you’re doing everything necessary to get your home sold, and sold for a price you would like. You have many options, and of course, selling your home by yourself is always an option. Be advised, though, that sifting through paperwork and communicating with bank representatives can be difficult for laymen – you will need to know all about reasonable interest rates for a mortgage in Las Vegas, how your credit score will affect you, and how to best present the home in which you’ve invested so much time and money.


Lost time and money is usually what people seek to avoid, kind of like receiving a low offer, or a buyer that quits halfway through the process. You also want to avoid having to lower the price on your home, spending too much money trying to sell, or making your home inaccessible if you’re going out of town, which is necessary for many Las Vegas homeowners. Some simple things can help you prepare to sell your home, but investing in your home for the sake of selling it can make all the difference in the world. Understand that if you have a reverse mortgage, updating your house, and selling it for a sum that sells for more than the home’s value means that you might have to pay a penalty, but most individuals and families will be able to sell their home without these extra provisions.


DO Repair and Update Your Home.


what to do when selling your home

This is a tip that can’t be overstated. Make sure that you switch out old fixtures, knobs, and handles for ones that are shiny and new. If you’ve got a knack for it, shine up any pewter or silver that you’ve got on display. Trying to sell a home that needs repairs is a difficult thing to do, and will absolutely impact the price that you can ask for your home. In Las Vegas, pay particular attention to your HVAC. You won’t be able to sell your home without air conditioning, so make sure that all of your home’s systems, including the HVAC and plumbing, are in perfect working order.


DO Consult an Appraiser.


Imagine this: for a few hundred dollars, you’ll know the real value of your home. Boom. Crazy, right? In the Las Vegas area, hiring an appraiser can help you to understand what you really should ask for you home. They’re particularly useful to those attempting to sell their home on their own. Appraisers and property inspectors affirm that your property is not only safe, but can fetch a good price.


DO Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent.


Selling your home is a challenge, and having a professional ally can save you more grief than you could know. It is possible to sell your home by yourself (these are For Sale by Owner, or FSBO homes), but a real estate agent is someone who can hit the ground running, lead you in listing and advertising your property for sale, and show your property when you’re not available. An experienced real estate agent can also help you to find a reasonable asking price for your home, and help you with negotiating a price. Las Vegas real estate agents are also superheroes that save the day by helping you with all of the necessary paperwork, and with networking your home.


DON’T Skip Doing Your Own Research.


While your real estate agent may have more information about selling a home in your area than you, this doesn’t mean that your research shouldn’t include all of the information that you can find. Look at comparable properties in your area. Pay particular attention to their selling price, but also note their asking prices, which should be information that is available to you. Make sure that you spend a little time talking to your neighbors – tell them you’re selling, and ask them about what they may know about the prices in your neighborhood. Research is important not only because you’ll know, yourself, what a fair price for your home could look like, but you will also know which of your home’s amenities and area amenities might be popular. If your home has a pool, mention it! Even something as seemingly innocuous as a couple of lighted footpaths through your lawn could appeal to a great buyer.


DON’T Take Things Personally.


It’s not likely that you’re going to receive the offer of your dreams, even in Las Vegas. Unless you’re in a highly-competitive housing market, where you might also receive a price higher than the price that you paid for your home, don’t count on it. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, or with your home. It does mean that your potential buyers have lots of properties to see, and might not be quite ready to commit to your property.


DON’T Ignore Curb Appeal


Most sellers are good about this little tidbit, but there are those who need a little nudge. Imagine trying to purchase a home in a finished neighborhood, only to see a property with a brown lawn, droopy flowers, and a door with paint peeling. You’ll be less inclined to see the home if, next door, there is a beautiful home that’s ready to be seen. Your real estate agent may have some landscaping companies that they recommend. Just make sure that wherever you sell your home, you’re remembering that the goal is to bring people in, not drive them away.

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