Selling a home can be a stressful experience even in the best of markets. But what happens when your Las Vegas property is in distress and you’re dealing with a buyer’s market? There are many hidden costs to be aware of. Even homes in good condition are subject to a lot of unknown fees and expenses. Bottom line: Selling your home in Las Vegas is not free! 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the expenses you can expect when you list your home for sale in Las Vegas. 


Independent Appraisal 

An independent appraisal will cost between $400 and $800. A home appraisal is an unbiased estimate of the fair market value of your home. Lenders order an appraisal during the mortgage loan process so that there is an objective way to determine what the house is worth. However, you may want to pay for an appraisal if you don’t agree with what your realtor is suggesting you sell your home for. 


Cleaning and Decluttering 

Houses that are clean and presentable are easier to sell than ones that aren’t. For a quick and easy sale, you’ll need to set aside time to make your house presentable. If you have a lot of furniture and belongings, you may need to rent a storage unit. Depending on the condition of your home, you may also need to hire help with cleaning and fixing up the outside. 


Realtor and Buyer Requests 

It’s possible that your realtor may make some special requests to help your home sell faster. Usually realtors only ask for slight cosmetic improvements such as paint touch-ups, carpet cleaning and more. However, be prepared for additional requests from the buyers. When buyers do inspections, they may make their offer contingent on you making larger repairs. 


Realtor Commissions 

Most realtors charge up to 3% commission and the seller usually ends up paying commission for both, which is 6% of the sale price right off the bat. Additionally, the seller usually pays at least half the closing costs and other fees to transfer the property. 


Selling Your Home for Cash 

If the cost of selling your home is appearing too high, a better option may be to sell your home for cash in Las Vegas. This process is quick, easy and stress free. Here’s why.

  • Fast offers within 24 hours 
  • No appraisals or inspections required 
  • Only one showing – that’s to us! 
  • Distressed properties aren’t a problem – we buy houses in Las Vegas as-is
  • No closing costs – we pay them for you 
  • Quick closing times, usually within a week

If you’ve got a fixer upper in Las Vegas, give We Buy Any Vegas House a call for a cash offer. It’s free and no obligation, and if you accept our offer, you can avoid the headaches that come with selling your home.

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