Tips for Selling Your Las Vegas Home During COVID-19


If you’re looking to sell your Las Vegas home now or in the near future, you’re going to have to account for COVID-19. So how does selling in this new environment work? Is your property likely to sit on the market? Or are there ways to overcome these challenges and sell your house fast in Las Vegas


Below we cover some helpful tips on how to sell your Nevada home during COVID times. 


Don’t Consider Lowball Offers – At Least Yet 


COVID has significantly affected our economy but this does not mean that your home value has dropped. Don’t assume a few lowball offers is an indication of this. Even though there’s a pandemic and things are slower, we’re not seeing housing prices drop like we did in 2008-09. Home values are still high, especially because inventory is low. 


Plan for Less Interest But More Serious Buyers 


Overall, there’s less traffic in the Las Vegas housing market. It’s not as easy or practical to hold open houses and showings, so they are held less often. With that said, you can expect more serious buyers. Rather than having 20 people show up to your open house, you might only have five – but they’ll be more serious about making an offer. 


Here are some tips for making the most out of the traffic you get: 


  • Allow prospective buyers to view your home online through a 3D virtual tour, a pre-recorded walkthrough or a listing video. This will give them a better feel for your home and layout. 
  • Boost your home’s curb appeal. Before setting up a tour, buyers often drive past the house to see if it’s worth visiting. Having good curb appeal will make your home look more desirable.
  • Stage your home. Staged homes always sell faster, particularly in times like this. Draw attention to your home’s features and keep your rooms clutter-free. 


Account for Coronavirus Clauses 


Coronavirus clauses have become a more frequent addition to purchase agreements in Las Vegas. These provisions allow for extensions without consequences. As the seller, it’s important that you know what you are signing. You might get a quick offer, but the buyers may be able to back out with no penalty.


Be Aware of Longer Closing Times 


While the hope is that you will close on time, it’s possible that you may not. This is mostly happening because of COVID-19 overlays on loan requirements such as inspections, appraisals and other closing services. Rather than average closing dates being around 48 days, they’re now around 60 in Nevada. 


Still Not Selling? We Buy Houses in Las Vegas! 


If you want to sell your house fast in Las Vegas, working with a cash buyer is the probably best option. The cash buyers at We Buy Any Vegas House will make a fair cash offer based on your home’s condition and what comparables are selling for. 

Because we have the funds available, we don’t need traditional bank financing. We can avoid closing delays, allowing us to close in about one week. And, we’re the only ones who will look at your home. To get a cash offer on your Las Vegas property, contact We Buy Any Vegas House today. Our offers are free and only take minutes. 

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