Tips for Selling Your Las Vegas Home Over the Holidays


Are you wondering how you can sell your home during the holidays in Las Vegas? While December isn’t typically the best month for selling homes, it can be done. If you’re willing to sell your home, there are still people out there who are willing to buy it. The key is to incorporate some of the cozy holiday feels while offering a competitive price. 


Below are some tips for selling your Las Vegas home during the holidays. 


Decorate, But Don’t Go Overboard 


Homes often look their best during the holiday season, but you don’t need to overdo it when you’re selling. Decorations that are too big or busy can make your house look cluttered. Instead, highlight the best features of your home using holiday decor such as garland on your railings. And, opt for neutral decor instead of religious-based decor so that you don’t offend potential buyers. 


Price Your Home to Sell 


Rather than starting at your top price and then slowly moving down, start out with a nice discount. The right price will make prospective buyers feel merry and be more likely to visit your property. If your home is distressed and needs a lot of work, you’ll have to slash your price even more. People buying during the holidays are often in need of a quick sale and prefer something move-in ready. 


Take High-Quality Real Estate Photos 


Since the temps do drop in the winter, people are less likely to go out. Therefore, buyers will be narrowing down their options based on photos, so it’s important that your listing makes a great first impression. Have professional photos taken and try to include photos of your home throughout the season. This way, prospective buyers can see what it looks like in the spring and summer.


Create a Video Tour


Take things a step further by filming a video tour of your home. This is helpful for prospective buyers because they can see the layout of your home and the square footage of your rooms. Those who don’t want to leave their homes can get a virtual tour of your property and be able to make a decision. 


Keep the Clutter Away 


Not only should you go light on the holiday decorations but also the rest of your decor. Put up a small Christmas tree or hang a wreath on the door but avoid having your halls and main areas filled with decorations. Also, when placing decorative items, choose areas that you want to highlight such as high ceilings, a fireplace or crown molding. 


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