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What Can I Do If My Real Estate Listing Expired?

What Can I Do If My Real Estate Listing Expired


Putting your Las Vegas house up for sale is often exciting, and most sellers go in with high hopes that their property will sell right away. But what happens when your listing has expired? It’s frustrating to wait this long for a purchase offer and then nothing happens. Once the listing expires, whether it’s 90 days or 180 days, this means your relationship with your real estate agent has ended. What do you do now? 


Consider reasons why your home didn’t sell. 


Before you point fingers at the realtor (even though it’s tempting to do so), look at things objectively. Are there some reasons why your Las Vegas property didn’t sell? Maybe your home is in a bad neighborhood or priced higher than the comparables. 


If you believe that your home is priced right, it could be the realtor who dropped the ball. Did they do what they could to sell your home? Things like virtual tours, direct mail, Facebook posts, etc. are all great ways to market your property in this day and age. 


Look at the condition of the home. 


A big reason why homes don’t sell right away is because they aren’t move-in ready. Before you assume your Las Vegas house is ready to sell, take a look at other homes in your neighborhood. Is your property in similar condition? Do you have outside curb appeal? Home improvements might be worth it if they will get your home sold. 


Review buyer feedback. 


If your agent collected feedback from potential buyers, take some time to read what that feedback was. This can shine light on what people are saying about your home – and why it’s not selling. Consistency in feedback lets you know what buyers are thinking about your home in general. Find ways to address these problems before re-listing your home. 


Reconsider your motivations for moving. 


If your listing has expired, now is a good time to reassess your reasons for moving. If it’s not a pressing issue, you may want to take your home off the market and try again at a later date. However, if you needed to move yesterday, then you’ll have to continue trying to sell your home. At this point, it may be time to hire a new realtor or work with your current realtor (if you trust them) to do another comparative analysis and price reduction. 


Think about selling your home for cash in Las Vegas. 


If it turns out that your home needs repairs to make it sell, you may be better off taking a cash offer. With this type of sale, you can sell your home in as-is condition and avoid the tedious process of listing the home and playing the waiting game. We Buy Any Vegas House buys fixer uppers in Las Vegas –  and we’re able to close in about one week. It’s worth considering when your home isn’t gaining the traction you thought. 


Learning that your house didn’t sell is never a fun experience, especially if you’re trying to move onto the next chapter in your life. Contact We Buy Any Vegas House for a free, no obligation cash offer and see what you can get for your property!