What is the Cheapest Way to Sell a Home in Las Vegas


Selling a home in Las Vegas is not cheap. According to research from Homelight, the average total cost of selling a house is $20,000. Depending on the home you’re selling, it could be more or less. No matter how you swing it, selling a property involves a lot of fees and expenses that many people aren’t prepared for.


If you are attempting to sell your home on a budget, here are some options to consider. 


Sell with a Realtor – FSBO Usually Costs More 


At first glance, you might think that selling your home yourself is the cheaper option, but it’s not. Realtors charge about 6% commission, but this pays off in the long run. Real estate agents can help you get a sense of the local market, compare the strengths and weaknesses of your home and utilize tools to list and market your property. 


When you sell on your own, you’re going up against experienced realtors who know what they’re doing. You also won’t have someone to negotiate on your behalf, assist with paperwork, show the property and more. This all falls in your lap. 


Make Inexpensive Updates and Repairs 


First impressions are made within seconds, so it’s important that your home looks its best. Not all updates and upgrades need to be expensive. Here are some budget-friendly ways to get your Las Vegas home ready to list


  • Cut the front lawn in a diagonal criss cross pattern (this makes it look larger!)
  • Clean the windows and let in natural light
  • Trim back trees and bushes and pull weeds 
  • Plant flowers – preferably yellow
  • Power wash the home clean 
  • Deep clean the inside of the home
  • Deodorize with lemon or orange
  • Declutter your home – it’s free! 


Take Professional Photographs 


Your realtor will come and take photographs of your home – make sure the photos are professional-grade and high in quality. These are the photos that will be shared on the internet and drive people in for showings and open houses. Before the photos are taken, clean and declutter, stage the home and highlight its advantages. 


Be Flexible with Showings 


Showings are one of the worst parts about selling a home, but the more flexible you are, the faster you can sell. Your realtor will ask which times are best, but you’ll need to be flexible, too. And, you’ll find that some buyers and their agents arrive early, stay late or don’t come at all. Either way, showings are a good thing because it means your listing is working. 


Can I Sell My Las Vegas Home without Showings?


Due to coronavirus, you can limit your house showings. With today’s virtual tours and 3D photos, many buyers are happy doing their tours online. However, when they’ve narrowed down their options, they’ll want to see your home in person. 


If you really don’t want anyone in your home due to its condition or other factors, you may want to consider selling your home for cash in Las Vegas. We Buy Any Vegas House buys homes in all conditions! There’s only one showing – and that’s for us. 


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