What NOT to Say in a Listing Description


Are you looking forward to selling your space? Undoubtedly, online portals can help you fetch the right clients. But why should a client approach you for your space? Are you providing any additional features that your competitor is not offering? No. The additional features are not the first things that people look for. Your distinctive and honest listing description is what will help you get a good number of interested buyers.


In case you are not yet aware of what listing description is then here we tell you about the same in the simpler words- a listing description is an explanation about your property. In this, you explain about your property, area, and essential features like price, number of bedrooms, photographs, etc. Listings are concise descriptions, and there is no need to add full-length info in it.


Is this the very first time that you are about to put your place on rent or for sale? Or are you already into this but want to upgrade your listing to create your value in the market? This blog is going to guide you on how you can write a good description that will make a significant impact on your site visitors.


Our property listing blogs have helped many of our readers in the United States, and thus, here we are to give you a brief idea of how you can sell or rent your space immediately with an impactful listing description. In this article, along with the don’ts, we are also going to add some do’s that you can give you a clarification on writing a well-informed listing description.


What Should NOT Be Mentioned in a Listing Description


1) Do Not Create Hype About Yourself


Never add sentences like “we are the most trusted sellers, we are very well-known in the market, we have a great market value,” etc. in your property listings. Mentioning such sentences may create a negative impact on your clients. These sentences make someone feel like you are very desperate about selling or renting your property and that you are not getting enough clients.


Always remember that your listing is about your property, and it does not scream about yourself only.


2) Do Not Mention the Firm Price

What we mean by firm price here is that never mention the exact amount of your building that you want to charge. Always keep the price a little higher so that when the client negotiates, you still have a chance to charge the exact amount that you want.


Already mentioning a very high price can be of some use rather than adding the exact cost. Also, never mention the lower price range to attract the customers. For the short term, this might work for you, but this is not at all going to give you clients on a longer run. You might end up creating misconceptions about your business.


3) Do Not Use Red Flag Words


Words like “nearby schooling system, neighborhood, taxes,” etc. are termed as red flag words in estate listing. If you are wondering what red flag words are, then let us caution you that red flag words are considered as barriers that block your clients from reaching you. Using these words may create doubt or confusion in a buyer’s mind, and the person may never contact you.


Words that are more relatable to real estate like basic pricing, area of the space, etc. are acceptable and help you gain the right clients.


4) Do Not Use a Very Heavy Language


Keep your listings simple. Don’t make it complicated for your readers to understand. Your listing is only a way to advertise about your space that you are willing to rent or sell. The rest is going to depend on what your area looks like entirely.


Estate agents have agreed that a simple language has always been a great idea even to fetch foreign clients who might have just shifted to your city or country. Thus, a primary language is the key.


5) Do Not Share Overestimated Information


Faking up the features of your space or simple overestimating them to fetch clients is never going to help you. All that it can do is to make your market value down. Never forget that showing off is a bad idea when people are going to see your space or building after reading your listing.


Once you fake up about your building, you will have to manage that value of yours’ again. One visitor can give you ten more clients only if your mentioned info matches everything that to your building.


If you are not sure of what things you shall mention in the listing description, then let us help you with that as well.


What to Mention in a Description


1) Add Proper and Correct Information


As mentioned already, listings are concise yet precise. You are only supposed to add things that are of utmost importance. You can add the number of rooms that the space you want to sell/rent has; you can add the number of bathrooms and balconies, etc.


2) Add Some Advantages


You can add info like on which floor the space is located or what are going to be the advantages of that. You can also add the area of the space and if parking, garden, etc. is available or not.


3) Add Important Features


Adding about Wi-Fi connectivity, gas connection, nearby garage or grocery store, etc. can help people find the exact type of location that they are searching for. Remember to mention the precise address of the building.

Do not forget that your listings will be going on the internet, and people have the right to rate your building and your service. If you post overestimated or false information, then even a single negative review and rating can create a massive impact on your estate business.


Staying loyal to your customers and achieving positive reviews is undoubtedly a great way to increase your market value and a lot of clients as well.

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