What to Know Before Selling Your Las Vegas House As-Is


When preparing to sell your home in Las Vegas, it can feel overwhelming to follow all the steps to get your home on the market, especially if you have a long list of repairs. If you’d prefer not to go through all of these steps, you can consider the option to sell your house as-is. 


Selling your Las Vegas house as-is means that the buyer will purchase your property in the exact condition it’s in. You are not responsible for making repairs or upgrades. This is ideal for sellers – and even buyers – because there’s no back-and-forth bargaining. 


If selling your house as-is sounds appealing, here are some things to know about the process. 


Why Would Someone Sell Their House As-Is? 


The two main reasons why someone would sell their house as-is are to save time and money. 


When you sell your house as-is in Las Vegas, you can do so quickly. You don’t have to worry about hiring a contractor to make the repairs, or having to make the repairs yourself, which significantly speeds up the process. And you don’t have to invest any money into your home to get it sold. 


However, if you really want things to move quickly, the best route is to sell your home as-is to a cash buyer. Cash house buyers in Las Vegas will make you a cash offer, and if you accept, you can typically close in about two weeks. The process moves quickly because the buyer has the money – they don’t need financing from the bank. 


What are the Pros and Cons to Selling Your House As-Is? 


Selling a house as-is isn’t necessarily good or bad. Each situation is unique, and some sellers benefit from an as-is sale more than others. Let’s look at the pros and cons to an as-is sale. 




  • Faster path to closing
  • Fewer costs to sell 
  • Attract cash buyers 
  • Great for inherited properties 
  • No inspection to pass 
  • Fewer negotiations 




  • Lower selling price 
  • Limited buyer pool 
  • Challenges with financing (for the buyer) 


Best Way to Sell Your Las Vegas House As-Is 


For the smoothest process, it’s best to sell your house as-is to a cash buyer. We Buy Any Vegas House purchases properties in Nevada, and we will take them in any condition. We make a strong and competitive cash offer from the start, and we can close in about 10 days. 


In addition to making an all-cash offer, we also pay most closing costs. This allows you to take home the full cash offer. And, while we might request an inspection for our own purposes, we will not ask you to make any repairs or improvements. 


To get a cash offer from We Buy Any Vegas House, get in touch with our cash home buyers today! 

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