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Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

Why Is Curb Appeal Important?


In the modern, demanding markets, an expansive house with huge yard is not sufficient to attract the right kind of buyer with the right price. Buyers demand beautification, cleanliness, maintenance and much more than mere land. Therefore, sellers need to go way beyond the traditional ways of attracting the customers, and focus on curb appeal.


Real estate and home designers need to keep the ‘curb appeal’ of the property in mind when they target to sell their land for more in the market. ‘Curb appeal’ simply refers to the attractiveness of a property when viewed from the street. It is the appeal of a physical asset and is an important component when it comes to selling it.


For instance, factors like whether or not the yard is kept well, vibrancy of the paint, strength of the roof, etc. are significant in deciding the curb appeal of the property. Fixing the cracked pathways, sprucing the paint, repairing broken sewages, mending the rotten garden decors all are extremely important.


Buyers specifically look out for these factors when buying a property. The ‘first impression’ does matter in the real estate market. It is one of the most effective marketing tool used by sellers today for setting high expectations for the property. The exterior of a property is the first thing any buyer will witness, and to make it the best and appealing is their aim.


However, curb appeal is much more than just how the house looks when viewed from the street. It is definitely the ‘wow factor’, but much more than that. It is something that entices a viewer to become a buyer.

Without an iota of doubt, curb appeal is important.


10 Factors That Can Influence the Curb Appeal of Any Property


  1. Landscaping
  2. Garden and grass
  3. Front door and gate
  4. Exterior of the property
  5. Driveway, paths and patios
  6. Roof of the house
  7. Lighting of the exterior
  8. Windows and latches
  9. Gutters, pipelines and sewage
  10. Mold and mildew


Having mentioned the major curb appeal factors, it cannot be denied that it is an integral and important factor for all sellers.


6 Reasons Sellers Cannot Afford to Ignore Curb Appeal


  1. It will make your home sell for more money in the market.  Yes, that is true. Curb appeal is what gets you an extra edge over the rest in the surroundings. It catches the eye of the visitors and makes them pay extra for the property.
  2. It will make your house look great from outside.  The overall appeal and look of the house double when you invest a great attention on its curb appeal. Factors such as roof terraces, gardens, exterior paint on the walls, clean driveways are add-ons that make your house a pretty place to see.
  3. Sets the first impression right!  A well-maintained driveway or a beautifully kept gate will make the passers-by and visitors go in awe of your house. Before entering the premises, they will get an indication about the royalness and cleanliness of the property.
  4. It makes a good web appeal as well. Buyers can be viewing your house anywhere. Even if they are on the lookout for a beautiful house online, a good house with a great curb appeal will outshine the bulk photos uploaded by all sellers.
  5. It reflects well on your care taking ability. A high on curb appeal property ensures every buyer that the seller of the house is responsible, and maintains a good hygiene and cleanliness for the property.
  6. It increases your property rates over time.  Over the years, your property is bound to record an increase in its value. Even if you don’t plan to sell it right away, improving the curb appeal will reap great benefits in the future..


Thus, experimenting with your exteriors is also an option. For instance, you can go for some non-traditional paint hues like purple, lilac, mustard, and so on. In addition, hanging gardens to give a chic look to your rooftops looks quite attractive. Dying bushes and dried up plants are something that the buyers do not want to see. Modern lighting, technology infused lights are also great options that heighten the curb appeal. Paths and patios decorated with personalized items, showpieces, natural components catch attention. Maintenance equipment properly stored and stacked in the interior portions is a good option. Houses or other property which keep all these factors in place have a better appeal and fascination associated with them.


Beautification of the house, office, or any other property with great curb appeal is your ultimate key to successful market presence. Even if the location of your property is not well known or listed among top ranging lands, a beautiful house, high on curb appeal property can get you the right eyes. Bright lush green planters, attractive porches, lit-up alleys, all contribute to the enhancement of the property appeal for visitors. Fetching your property the right and best prospective buyers is the result of all such initiatives for increasing the curb appeal of the house or other property. Minor adjustments done in the exterior of the house can make great changes to the value and appeal of the property.


Thus, spending your time and money on shaping and designing the curb appeal of your house or any other property is essential. It fetches your property a great price and rising demand in the real estate market. It can actually decide how long your property stays on the market and gets sold. As an advice, one must never cut corners from spending that extra inch of time and money on increasing the curb appeal of your property. Improving the overall view of the house can present it as a better option for a prospective purchase for your buyers. Figuring out what’s best for the outlook of your house or property must be a wise decision to be taken by all the sellers.