5 Reasons Why Las Vegas is a Great Place to Raise a Family


Las Vegas has the reputation for being an adult-only playground, but beyond the iconic Las Vegas Strip, residents enjoy pleasant suburban communities, wide open parks and playgrounds and good schools. Also, according to the U.S. News, Las Vegas is rated #21 for the fastest growing cities in the nation


So, when you think of raising a family in Las Vegas, think beyond the Strip. The suburbs of Las Vegas are quiet, pleasant and away from the lights. Here are five reasons why Las Vegas is a great place to raise a family. 


1. Plenty of Outdoor Activities 


If you have a family who likes to be outdoors, Nevada will not disappoint. The weather is pleasant and dry, with temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees. 


With over 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s easy to get outdoors and be active as a family. The Las Vegas suburbs have plenty of parks, softball fields, football fields, soccer fields, skate parks and swimming pools. Or, you can spend your free time camping, biking and hiking in the mountains and desert hills. 


2. Staycations Made Easy 


You don’t have to travel far to have a vacation when you live in Las Vegas. You’re not far from places like Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon or the Discovery Children’s Museum. And, the Strip has plenty to offer families. You can play games at Gameworks, see the lions at MGM and watch the Bellagio fountains. 


Furthermore, there are also neat festivals and events that come to Las Vegas, such as monster truck rallies, college basketball games, fight nights, magic shows and more. 


3. Cost of Living Is Affordable 


While nothing is cheap, Las Vegas does have affordable houses for sale and a low cost of living, especially compared to other large cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. And, there is no state income tax thanks to all the tourists that spend their money here. According to this article, you can have a decent quality of life for just $30,000. 


4. Plenty of Job Opportunities 


Because the tourism industry is as big as it is, there is no shortage of jobs in Las Vegas. The only caveat is that many of the jobs are not high-paying. But it all depends on where you want to work. There are plenty of fast food jobs, casino jobs, construction jobs and government jobs to support your family. 


If you want to work in tech, you’ll also be satisfied with the available jobs. As of recently, more companies and workers are moving to the valley to find new opportunities and diversify the economy. 


5. Highly Rated Schools 


You can find great schools to send your children to – even public schools! Camas School District in Clark County is the top rated school district, with an A rating and a 20:1 teacher-student ratio. Clark County School District is also good, and there are a number of state-sponsored charter schools to consider. 


With Las Vegas being such a great place to raise a family, it’s no wonder why so many people are moving here! If you have a property to sell, contact We Buy Any Vegas House for a free cash offer. 

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