Selling a home in North Las Vegas is a major financial decision and occasionally, situations arise where a seller might consider backing out of a sale after an agreement has been made. While backing out can lead to legal complications and damaged relationships, there are certain circumstances under which a seller can legally withdraw from a home sale without significant repercussions. Understanding these scenarios is crucial for both sellers and buyers to manage expectations and navigate potential challenges.

During the Attorney Review Period


In some states, including Nevada, real estate contracts include an attorney review period, typically lasting about three to five days after the agreement has been signed by both parties. During this time, either party can legally withdraw from the contract for virtually any reason. This period allows the attorneys of both the buyer and the seller to review the agreement and suggest changes or terminate it without penalty.

If Contingencies Are Not Met


Most home sale agreements include contingencies—conditions that must be met for the transaction to go forward. Common contingencies include:


  • Home Inspection Contingency. This allows the seller to back out if the buyer decides to cancel the contract based on the home inspection report.
  • Financing Contingency. If a buyer cannot secure financing within the specified period, the seller can back out.
  • Sale of Prior Home Contingency. If the buyer needs to sell their current home before purchasing the new one, and fails to do so, the seller can withdraw.


If these or other contingencies outlined in the contract are not satisfied, the seller can legally terminate the deal.

Buyer Breach of Contract


If the buyer fails to meet the terms of the contract, such as missing deadlines for deposit payments or failing to submit necessary documents in a timely manner, the seller may have the right to terminate the agreement and potentially keep the earnest money deposit.

Mutual Agreement to Cancel


Sometimes, both the buyer and the seller might agree to cancel the sale. This mutual decision can occur for any number of reasons, such as a change in personal circumstances or a mutual inability to meet the original terms of the contract. In these cases, the contract can be dissolved amicably, and the parties may negotiate terms for the cancellation, including the division of any incurred costs.

Using a Legal or Contractual Loophole


Occasionally, there might be specific clauses within the contract that provide the seller an exit under particular circumstances. It’s important for sellers to have their contracts reviewed by a competent real estate attorney who can identify and explain any such potential loopholes.

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