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How to Get the Biggest Cash Offer on Your Las Vegas House

How to Get the Biggest Cash Offer on Your Las Vegas House


When selling a house in Las Vegas, most sellers have the same goal in mind: To sell their home at the best price in the shortest time. Las Vegas remains a competitive market, but it still takes about 53 days for a home to sell. More sellers are choosing to sell their properties for cash because it’s fast and easy, and they still get to make a profit. 


Cash offers are ideal for sellers because there is less risk, faster closing times, less paperwork and the option to sell as-is. Even if you choose this method, you still want to walk away with the best offer possible. Here are some tips for getting the biggest cash offer on your Las Vegas property. 


Get the home move-in ready. 


Cash buyers will take homes in any condition. You can leave your home with the belongings still inside, holes in the walls and tears in the carpet. But, keep in mind that the offer depends on the condition of the home. The more work that needs to be done, the lower your offer will be. 


Consider some simple things you can do to get the property in better condition. You can clean the carpets, paint the walls a neutral color, update light fixtures and clean up the exterior. All of these things mean less work for the buyer, and more money in your pocket. 


Address potential concerns that will show up in the inspection report. 


Cash buyers in Las Vegas will typically waive the home inspection and appraisal. If they do have an inspection done, it’s typically for informational purposes. Still, it doesn’t hurt to address some of the issues that you know will turn up in an inspection, such as holes in the roof or foundation cracks in the basement. 


Check to see if the issue you’re dealing with is still under warranty. It’s possible that your roof shingles are and you can make the repair without paying out of pocket. Other repairs, such as foundation cracks, might only cost a few hundred dollars. 


Eliminate contingencies. 


Another way to get a bigger cash offer on your Las Vegas property is by being flexible with the buyers and eliminating contingencies. Contingencies are clauses in a purchase agreement specifying requirements that must be met before the contract becomes legally binding. 


Typically, buyers are the ones with the contingencies, as they might have a house to sell first. But sellers can have them, too, and they can make the transaction less desirable. Be ready to move out quickly, as cash sales typically only take a few weeks to complete. 


Agree to pay closing costs. 


If a buyer offers you cash for your home, you can sweeten the pot by offering to pay closing costs. You can bring this up in negotiations, and hopefully the buyers will agree to a higher cash offer. You can then use this higher offer to cover the closing costs, while still walking away with more in your pocket. 


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