How to Sell a House with Mold Damage in Las Vegas


Mold comes in many different forms. Some molds are actually good for us – think mushrooms, and penicillin. But most either aren’t good for us, like mildew, or can actually make us sick, like the type that grows on expired food. Most can’t harm us, and that’s because, despite it floating through our breathable air, we’ve developed an immunity to it. It flies in and out of our air passages constantly, and you’d know if you were allergic. Cleaning your home regularly helps prevent mold from forming and thriving. Make sure that you’re paying attention to dark corners.


There is mold however, that can pose a serious risk. Even with the types of that aren’t life-threatening, it is a serious deterrent for prospective buyers. If your prospective buyers are allergic to it, then you can anticipate that they may pass on your property for the sake of their comfort and well-being in their new home. Making sure that you understand where mold comes from and how it affects the process of selling your home is essential to moving forward with your sale. 


How Did This Happen? 


attic with mold damage

Mold problems aren’t inevitable, unless you never clean your home. It can, however, get out of control in your home for a number of reasons. Water damage is one of the main causes of mold problems in any building. Natural disasters and heavy rains can damage homes through leaky roofs and by non-reinforced nooks and crannies. Leaking pipes can also do damage to your home by damaging insulation any wood, and providing the dampness that it requires to grow. Las Vegas is lucky in that water-based natural disasters are rare to the point of non-existence, but this doesn’t make any Las Vegas home immune to the dangers of mold. 


While Las Vegas has very little natural humidity, water damage will provide enough moisture for airborne spores to stick. Like any living thing, mold likes to eat, and will eat through wood, insulation, and other housing material to continue its growth. While mold prefers dark environments, it will grow where there is moisture. It will even grow in carpet and upholstery. The good thing is, you may be able to catch it early.  


How Do I Know It’s Mold?


Your eyes and nose are your best tools for early detection of mold in your Las Vegas home. Household mold is usually dark in color, but can be gray, yellow, or white, so keep your eyes peeled for something discolored on odd on walls, ceilings, in corners, basements and bathrooms. 


Mold smells musty, or earthy, it’s a smell you might catch before you see it. If you do think that you see or smell it in your home, and your home is on the market, you should consider taking your house off the market until you’re able to consult a professional. A licensed inspector can come to your property for a fee to conduct an evaluation. If the inspector doesn’t see a big problem, they’ll probably instruct you to use bleach to thoroughly bleach and wash the area. If the problem could be bigger, mold remediation should begin immediately, if you intend to sell your home. 


What Is Mold Remediation? 


Mold remediation alleviates the threat by either destroying it, or containing it to prevent further damage to your home. To kill mold, a contractor will use an FDA-approved biocide, like MoldStat, to treat the areas of growth. Bleach will also effectively kill it, however, it hasn’t been approved for that purpose. 


To contain the mold, the contractor will remove pieces or sections of your infested property, place them into airtight containers, and take them away for safe disposal. If your mold’s growth is near your HVAC system, the contractor will have more delicate work to do, and the work will take more time. 


All of this work comes at a price, of course. Mold remediation, including extermination and/or disposal, can be as cheap as $1,000, but you may pay up to $4,000. This is obviously a burdensome cost for most homeowners, but the real trouble occurs with mold-infested HVAC systems. Ridding your home’s interior systems of mold can cost up to $20,000, a sum that most homeowners can’t afford. Taking every possible step to prevent mold from flourishing in your home will save you tons of money, and grief – and possibly, a sale. 


How to Sell a House with Mold Damage in Las Vegas


If treating your house for mold has left your home in a patchy mess, you will have to explain this to anyone who is seriously interested in buying your property. It’s always best to be upfront, honest, and forthcoming about the condition of your home. Imagine being in the buyers’ shoes, and ending up with a home with a potentially lethal secret. Leaving a new buyer with a surprise mold problem is about as fair as it is legal, and it is possible that you may face a lawsuit over the property if you hide safety or structural issues from a potential buyer. Even the daunting price of mold remediation for your HVAC could save you even more money later – attorneys’ fees aren’t cheap.  


Out of Your Home, and Into the Money


What could happen as you’re selling your mold-damaged home in Las Vegas is that an interested buyer will want to purchase the home on contingency. A contingency allows a buyer out back out of buying your property within 60 days in the event that a previously-disclosed problem becomes a problem again. It is also possible that you will meet a local and experienced local real estate agent that is interested in purchasing your home as an investment. Particularly if you need to sell your home in a hurry, this option is fast, easy, and means that you could have the proceeds from the sale with in just a few weeks. If you’re ready to sell your mold-damaged home in Las Vegas, contact your local real estate agent for the best tips, and to get the best offer.

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