Common Housing Code Violations in Nevada

Can I Still Sell My Spring Valley House with Code Violations?

Building codes are a set of established standards put into place to protect people from potential hazards. These codes vary from state to state and may be enforced at the municipal and/or state level. While some housing code violations can be serious, most homeowners are not aware of them. It’s usually not until a thorough inspection is done that code violations are found.


If you are planning to sell your house in Spring Valley NV, you may be wondering how code violations can affect your ability to sell. Let’s learn more about some common housing code violations and what they could mean for your property.

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Common Housing Code Violations in Nevada 


Safety issues exist in many homes. While they are more common in older homes, they still turn up in new construction, too. In fact, it’s estimated that 60 percent of new construction homes have code violations.


Some of the most frequently found problems include: 


  • Life safety devices. Life safety devices, such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms, may be missing or outdated.
  • Electrical. Electrical problems may include grounding or bonding issues, missing or improper labeling of circuits and missing GFCI receptacles. Older homes, in particular, tend to have missing GFCI receptacles, but they must be installed whenever you’re six feet away from water.
  • Mechanical. Common mechanical violations include improper notching, inadequate combustion air and improper venting of appliances. These issues can weaken the structure of the home, causing inefficient heating and a buildup of carbon monoxide.
  • Plumbing. Nonprofessional plumbing is another potential issue. The plumbing may be missing nail plates or have improper support, causing the pipes to leak or break.
  • Handrails and decking. Handrails frequently violate housing codes. It’s important that handrails are present and of the proper height, securely fastened and with an adequate gripping surface.
  • Windows and doors. Improper flashing is a common problem with windows and doors. Flashing is necessary for protecting door and window framing from water and moisture. Without flashing, windows and doors are much more likely to grow mold.

Can I Still Sell My Spring Valley House with Code Violations? 


If your Spring Valley house is cited for having code violations, you will need to address them. Typically, these violations show up during the home inspection, so you will have an opportunity to fix them. Fortunately, most problems that turn up in the inspection report are easy to fix and include things like replacing smoke detectors, fixing a railing or hiring a professional electrician or plumber.

However, there are some instances where the code violations can be serious: lead and asbestos, mold and mildew, botched electrical work or structural problems. These issues can be expensive and time consuming to repair. However, you won’t be able to sell your Spring Valley house with violations to a traditional buyer because it’s not safe.


Your other option is to sell your Spring Valley house for cash. Cash buyers accept properties that have code violations, both minimal and serious, as they plan to fix them up and sell or rent them in the future. While you will get a lower offer, you can expect many advantages that make it worth it:

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  • No contingencies
  • No appraisal
  • No home inspection
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  • No repairs or renovations
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To get a free, no obligation cash offer on your Spring Valley property, contact We Buy Any Vegas House today. Code violations are typically no big issue for us, so we’ll make you a fair cash offer and restore your property if you need to sell my house fast in Las Vegas NV.

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