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Most Expensive Home Repairs in Las Vegas

Most Expensive Home Repairs in Las Vegas


Think it’s impossible to have your dream home? Think again. It’s very possible – but it will cost you. In Las Vegas, most homes are set if they have proper air conditioning and insulation. That, though, won’t make your home yours. There are a number of upgrades and repairs that are popular among stylish homes, including complete kitchen and minor bathroom remodels. Some home upgrades, despite being expensive, can add value to your home, something that everyone wants when it’s time to sell. 


It is possible that you’ll spend thousands of dollars renovating your home – in fact, if you purchase an older home, or if you purchase a home that’s been foreclosed, the likelihood of renovations being necessary is high. This is part of the reason that the best advice for the first steps of buying a home is making sure that you have more than just your down payment in your back pocket. Your down payment is absolutely essential to your home purchase, unless you pay for the home, in full, outright. This is normally done by individuals or companies seeking investment properties, though, so it won’t likely apply to you. In addition to your down payment of at least 20%, you’ll have fees and commissions to pay to local agencies and companies – this might be the time that you get a couple of suggestions for contractors in your area. 


Whatever the work that you’re considering for your home, it’s important to remember that you’ll be paying for two things to customize or repair your home: parts and service. The cost of the service you receive will vary from company to company, but due diligence and research can be immensely helpful in all of this. It is possible that you will meet someone whose work you like, but will have to order some of the materials yourself. The contractor will be able to help with this, and will be able to find the best deals for the best materials for your home. 


As you prepare to change your home for the better, bear in mind that some repairs are far more expensive than others, more invasive, and can make your home unlivable until the problem is solved. 


Cracked Foundation


home repairs

This is a terrifying problem to have for many people. The foundation of your home is the base, and if there is a problem with the base of your home, it needs to be resolved immediately. Without a strong base, you will inevitably face more expensive structural issues with your home, some of which will have disastrous consequences. Foundations typically crack due to the rapid expansion of the soil beneath the home. This rapid expansion is usually the result of huge amounts of water absorbed by the soil, causing it to expand. This is often a concern for people living in or moving to flood-prone areas, and areas typically affected by flooding of local bodies of water. Before purchasing a home, it’s important to pay attention to the floors of the home, garage, and/or driveway. A cracked foundation could easily run you up to $10,000, but most cost a little over half of that. 


Water Damage


Of all of the things that can happen to your home, water damage is one of the worst. Fire damage, obviously, can destroy quickly and with incredible devastation, but water damage can affect your health in a home that you may think is safe. While mold is rarely a concern in desert cities like Las Vegas, elsewhere in the country, this can carry a string of deadly after-effects. Whether water damage in your home is a result of a leak or a result of flooding, it is important to have your home inspected for mold after a natural disaster. Certain types of mold are extremely dangerous, and can cause long-term and permanent illnesses in both humans and animals. What’s worse is that these devastating molds can and will sprout, sending their dangerous spores into the air. The average insurance claim for water damage hoovers around $7,500, but can easily cost you over $10,000, or as much as foundation work for your home. 


Roof Repair


The good news about roof repairs is that you are most likely to only spend around $1,000, but don’t get comfortable just yet: if your home has been through a natural disaster, a fire, or another event, you might need a new roof, which can run you around $10,000. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Rain or shine, your roof is the main reason that you’re staying warm and dry. The roof of your home might leak, or might peel, even in the best of cases. When that happens, if you need some recommendations, your local real estate agent can also provide you with a couple of great roof repair companies or contractors. 


Home Additions


Adding a room to your home is an ambitious project, especially if you’re experienced enough, or adventurous enough to do it yourself. Adding on to your home can run you anywhere from a low of $10,000 to a high of over $80,000. The more space or complicated the design, the higher the cost, of course. The high end includes bathrooms and kitchen, though remodeling or renovating either of those rooms will also cost you quite a bit. In Las Vegas, where efficient water use is essential, this is a move that could boost the value of your home, and save on utility bills, too. 


Las Vegas Is Dream Home Central


Despite the cost of highly-desirable repairs, a city with a low cost of living, like Las Vegas, will present affordable options. For someone who’s ready to make their dream home their own, the cost of home repairs may be daunting, but they’re the only thing standing in your way. Make sure, though, that before you purchase your materials and get your contractor, you’ve cleared your repairs or additions with your city or county government. Some home additions aren’t allowed by local governments, or by some homeowner’s associations, so make sure that your dreams can legally come true.