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The Perfect Las Vegas Home

The Perfect Las Vegas Home


The perfect home doesn’t exist, or does it? Las Vegas is a quickly-growing city that can give you all the bang for your buck, or put you in the lap of luxury.  Whatever your fancy, choosing a great home in Las Vegas is always a fun adventure. Double your fun by contacting an experienced local real estate agent. With someone on your side, helping you to find the listings that could be a great fit for you, you will have more time to enjoy your life outside of the search for a new home. 


What, then, would the perfect home in Las Vegas look like? You might be surprised: though a ‘perfect’ home might mean a big home to some, it’s more than just space that makes a home perfect for this city. While everyone knows the absolute basics of a safe, habitable home are a must, they’re not the end of a home that you would want to buy. When you’re shopping around for your new home, remember, for example, that there isn’t just one season in Las Vegas. You’ll want to make sure that your home can keep you comfortable in any weather. Don’t forget the little things, too – maybe you want a small front yard and a huge backyard for a sunroom. If so, make sure to look for somewhere nice and flat. As you shop around for your Las Vegas home, never be afraid to consider the possibilities, and let your imagination run wild! 


Great Home Basics


Buying in Las Vegas

A home inspector can let you know of any damage that might affect your home, including termite damage, water damage, or compromised foundations. After you’ve made sure that your home is a safe place to be, then you can start making sure that you’ve got your basics covered for the interior and exterior of your home. The bare basics may be the safety of your home, but the interior basics are the things that make your home cozy and loving. At the top of most everyone’s list is spacious rooms with plenty of light. The amount of light that you want in a room should always be more. You can always find easy ways to limit the amount of light in a room, but it’s better, always, to have too much light than not enough. Artificial light can never replace tons of natural light, even in a city as bright and as warm as Las Vegas. 


Floors and Weather in Las Vegas


The choice that you’ll make for the floors in your perfect home in Las Vegas can be your first line of defense against inclement weather. During summer, finer floors like granite and marble can help keep your home cool. Since the stone doesn’t conduct heat well, you can walk all over stone floors in your bare feet and be comfortable during the summer months. Hardwood, of course, is a more popular option for any home. The great thing about either option is its contribution to keeping your home warm during winter – the perfect home in Las Vegas would be remiss without heated floors. With some winter days dipping as low as 25 degrees, you’ll be glad to step out of your shoes onto a nice, warm surface. Heated floors are particularly popular for bathroom floors…the bathroom of your dreams.  


Beat the Heat


Floors, obviously, won’t be the biggest concern you’ll have in your perfect Las Vegas home – a new, energy-efficient HVAC system is essential. While Los Angeles is dry and hot during summer, many apartments can be cooled effectively with simple fans, or by opening windows. In Las Vegas, an open window during summer is an invitation to burn up! Your perfect Las Vegas home should include a little nook for seasonal accessories – coats, scarves and boots in winter, and umbrellas and an ice cooler in summer. While a powerful and reliable HVAC system is an absolute necessity in Las Vegas, make sure that your HVAC has the support it needs with eco-friendly windows and doors. Choosing windows and doors that keep your home’s temperature regulated will not only save energy, it will save you money on your monthly utility bills. More importantly, eco-friendly windows and doors can help you to protect your HVAC system. When your home is able to keep more of the cool air in during summer, and the warm air in during winter, your HVAC has to run less, which will lengthen its life, and lessen the possibility that it will break. Want another great tip for a perfect Las Vegas home? Two words: solar panels. Imagine taking a portion of your energy directly from the sun itself. Over time, you’ll see a reduction in energy bills, and even be able to charge a back-up generator for your home! 


Location, Location, Location


It is rare that anyone is actually interested in living near a golf course today. Through the 90s, golf courses were a famed getaway for the elite, but years of rising prices, a declining interest in the sport, and the recently-troubled economy all contributed to the downfall of golf course homes. Head away from golf courses to areas frequented by younger people and new transplants – those are the places where you will be able to find great grocery stores and fun coffee shops that are essential to a booming community. 


Your local Las Vegas real estate agent may also suggest that you avoid living in a home near the World-Famous Strip, too. Though the area buzzes with fun and new experiences, it can be crowded, and traffic difficult. Take a look at suburbs in Henderson, or near Spring Valley for beautiful new listings every day. Remember also that your dream home might not be the turn-key you’re expecting – but a foreclosure waiting for a shiny new pool to be home for you and yours. Whatever comprises your perfect Las Vegas home, your real estate agent can connect you to contractors if you fall in love with a foreclosure, or help you to grab the ready home that’s calling your name.