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7 Steps to Selling a House for Cash in Las Vegas

selling vegas homes steps and tips

Tips for selling Las Vegas Homes Fast

At We Buy Any Vegas House, we like to make selling a property in Las Vegas simple and stress free. Even if you’ve been wanting to sell your house for a long time, we understand that this can still be a difficult and emotional process. Our cash home buyers will help you through the process by presenting you with a fair cash offer and cashing out your home in just one week.


Below are the seven steps that we follow when working with sellers like you. We feel that knowing what to expect can prepare you for each step of the process.


Step #1. Contact Us


The first step is to get in contact with our cash home buyers in Las Vegas. You can do this in any format you’re comfortable with, including phone, email or social media. Someone from our team will respond promptly. You can also reserve an appointment directly on our Facebook page, with specific times available.


Step #2. Gather Property Details 


When you do speak with someone from our team, they will ask basic questions about your property, such as its location, condition and your reason for selling. This helps us better understand your situation – Are you selling quickly because of divorce? Do you have an inherited property? – and the work the house will need.

Step #3. Visit Your House 


We always recommend working with local cash home buyers, as they’re able to come out and see your home. Pictures don’t do justice, so you can get a bigger offer when a cash buyer gets to see the features and benefits of your property. Plus, local cash home buyers understand the Las Vegas housing market and can give you a more competitive offer.


Step #4. We Price Your House 


You don’t have to worry about making your home show-ready. We just want to see what we will be investing in. Once we do this, we can present you with a fair cash offer. As we come up with a price for your home, we will consider factors such as the condition and layout of the home, the renovations that need to be done and what we can sell the house for in the future.


Step #5. We Make a Cash Offer 


As a reputable and trustworthy company, our offers are always reasonable, and we’re happy to explain how we came up with the number. Often, our cash offers are firm, but there are instances where we will negotiate as well. That’s the nice thing about cash offers – there is always room for flexibility.


Step #6. We Pay Closing Costs 


Once you accept the cash offer, the process moves very quickly. Since our cash house buyers have the capital available, there are no contingencies for financing. The paperwork is streamlined, and we’re able to close on most properties in seven days. We always cover closing costs, maximizing the profit from your sale.


Step #7. Sell Your House 


Once your home is sold, you’ll receive your funds via check or money transfer. Since there is no need to make repairs, pay realtor commissions or pay closing costs, you get to maximize what you take home. This allows you to place a down payment on a new property or cover the first month’s rent at an apartment and to sell my house fast Las Vegas.


To request your free, no obligation cash offer, contact We Buy Any Vegas House today. Our simple 7-step process moves quickly, with most houses cashed out in just seven days!