6 Reasons Your Las Vegas Property Isn't Selling - Despite a Seller's Market


People will argue over anything these days, but there is one thing we can all agree on: it’s a seller’s market in Las Vegas


People are selling homes left and right. The rates are low, and prices are unbeatable! But what if your Las Vegas home isn’t selling despite the competitive market? Chances are, you’re facing one of these six issues. And unless you sell your home as-is, you’ll have to address them. 


1. Structural Faults


Structural issues are not only a safety concern, but they can also compromise the longevity of your home. Problems can range from flaws within the home’s foundation to issues with the supporting structures. Depending on the structural issue, the costs to fix it can be insurmountable, scaring new buyers away. 


2. Pest Problems


Most homes will encounter the occasional pest, but attempting to sell a home with an infestation is another story. Not only is an infestation of bugs or rodents a health concern, but also it can do major damage to the structure of a home. 


For example, termite colonies can be devastating, as they will eat away at wooden structures on the inside or outside of the home. One colony alone can eat up to a pound of wood per day!


3. Water Dilemmas


The issue with any water problem is that it inevitably leads to more problems. Recent flooding or a leak in the roof, although previously resolved, can still cause mold to grow or result in rotting. Both current water issues and previous water damage are a headache for any homeowner, and therefore tend to steer prospective buyers in another direction.


4. Mediocre Water Source


These days, there is no excuse as to why a homeowner shouldn’t have access to clean drinking water. If your Las Vegas property uses a well, it’s imperative that it works properly and is safe for consumption. Since most loan officers refuse to finance a house without working water, you will need to resolve this issue ahead of time.


5. Septic Setbacks


A septic system is an instrumental part of every house, costing approximately $20,000. If your septic system fails an inspection, you can expect most agents to raise an immediate red flag to their clients. It is also nearly impossible for a buyer to be approved for a loan to buy a home that will require a new septic system. It’s best you tackle any septic issues prior to putting your home on the market. 


6. Stinky Smells


The smell of your home not only affects the aesthetics of the home itself, but can also raise concerns regarding ongoing issues. Most people are turned off by the smell of pets, cigarette smoke or cooking odors. 


In addition, a home with strong candles burning or lots of wall plug-ins tend to make a buyer question if there is an underlying issue you are trying to mask, such as mold or mildew. Therefore, if there is a scent you need to hide, make sure you address it beforehand.


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