6 Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale This Spring


If you are considering or in the process of selling your Las Vegas property, the springtime is the perfect season to get your house market-ready! Here we will talk about the top six things you should focus on this season when it comes to spring cleaning and getting ready to sell!


1) Tour Open Houses


Asking your agent if you can tag along on their open house tours will give you a better glimpse into what your competition is. Knowing what you’re up against in terms of features and conditions of other homes in your area will help you pinpoint what you need to focus on in terms of your own home. 


Keep in mind that many open houses are typically held at nicer homes, so you may not get a big-picture idea of what is on the market. Do your research on what homes are for sale in the area in addition to open houses, and if possible, drive-by and take notes on the curb appeal and interior of these homes. 


2) Create a Repair List


Once you have visited other homes for sale in Las Vegas, make a list of low-cost or DIY repairs that will bring your home up to speed to your competition. Remember that most repairs will not give you a dollar-for-dollar return, so try to not get caught up in expensive repairs or upgrades. 


In addition, add to the list any basic repairs that may already need to be made in or outside your home. Cosmetic repairs should make your home seem more clean and bright. After you’ve made your list, add an approximate cost next to each repair or update. This will help you prioritize what is in your budget and what isn’t.


3) Deep Clean the Inside 


Take the time to map out a schedule to deep clean your house. Consider things like your windows, showers, cabinets, carpets, etc. If you are worried about running out of time to do a deep clean, it will be well-worth your money to hire a house cleaning service! In fact, oftentimes a house maid will have an advantage of seeing things that need cleaning that you may overlook. 


4) Tidy Up Landscaping 


Think about the first impression that potential buyers will have of your home. Small things like trimming bushes, mowing and edging can make a huge difference in your curb appeal. If you want to go a step further, add fresh wood chips to garden beds, or plant a few clusters of cheap but colorful flowers in the front. Buyers will notice these small details, and they are low-cost to you! 


5) Declutter!


Decluttering can have just as much of a positive impact on your home sale as your curb appeal. Decluttering will make your home look bigger on the inside, while showing off your storage and giving prospective buyers a clean-feel when viewing your listing. 


Try to look at your home from a buyer’s perspective… Even if your home is cleaner than it usually is, a buyer may be comparing your home to other homes that are less cluttered. Empty things like cupboards and closets, and get rid of unnecessary pieces of furniture. It can’t hurt to pack a few boxes in the meantime, or make a few donations to Goodwill in the process.


6) Focus On Brightening Your Home


Buyers typically base their opinion of a home on how they “feel” when they walk in. Real estate agents agree that brighter homes sell better across the board. Simple things like opening up your curtains, washing your windows, changing out lightbulbs or purchasing lighter-toned curtains can really change the look of a home’s interior. If you have trees in your yard, trim any branches that are blocking the sun from entering your windows. 


Getting your home ready to sell is no easy task. With the market being a seller’s market, expect to have some competition. Don’t want to worry about the hassle of getting your home up to speed? We Buy Any Vegas House will buy your home AS IS – and you are not obligated to make any repairs or upgrades. Contact us today for your free cash offer

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