Sell Now or Wait it Out


Selling your Las Vegas home at the wrong time can force you to take less than what you wanted. But hanging onto your property can get you into financial trouble down the road. So what’s the best option – should you sell your house fast in Las Vegas or hang onto it? 


Let’s look over some of the signs that it’s a good time to sell your Las Vegas property, as well as reasons to stick it out a little longer. The final decision is up to you, but we can help you make an informed decision! 


Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Las Vegas Home 


Some people know for certain when it’s time to sell their home, but others aren’t as sure. Here are some signs that it’s a good time to get the ball rolling. 


  • It’s the right season for selling. Spring is the best season to sell because the weather is warming up and people are out looking at homes. But trends differ so you could still benefit from a fall or winter sale, especially in Vegas when the weather is always warm. 
  • Your home has increased in value. If your area has seen solid, steady growth over the last few years, it’s probably a good time to make the move. You can make a profit and use this money as a down payment for your next home. 
  • Your budget is stretched. If you’re barely making ends meet, it’s better to sell your house fast in Las Vegas and get your budget on track. You’ll be happier and you can avoid late fees and other penalties. 
  • You’ve outgrown the home. Families change. Maybe you’ve added to your family or are downsizing now that the kids are in college. It’s not worth paying monthly for a house that doesn’t meet your needs. 
  • The maintenance keeps growing. As homes get older, they require more maintenance. If repairs, updates, lawn care, etc. are getting too expensive or time consuming, downsizing to a simpler home is probably best. 


Reasons to Keep Your Home 


It’s possible that you’re getting close to selling but not ready yet. Below are some signs that you should wait a bit longer to list your property. 


  • Slow market. If your area is seeing a sleepy market, it’s best to wait. If you list now, your home may sit on the market or you may have to lower its price to make it more desirable. 
  • Little to no equity. It takes time to build equity. If you don’t have much equity in your home, you’ll want to wait a while. Selling your home without equity means you owe more than it’s worth and you’ll have to come up with the difference.
  • You want to keep it as a rental. Another option you have, especially with negative equity, is to keep the home as a rental. This gives you the freedom to move somewhere new while earning a passive income. 
  • You don’t have the cash to make improvements. If your house needs a lot of work, you probably feel stuck. Most people don’t want a house that needs fixing up. However, you can sell your home as-is to a cash buyer in Las Vegas. 


It’s not always clear when the best time to sell your home is, but hopefully the above information has given you some insight. To get a free cash offer on your home, contact We Buy Any Vegas House today! Our offer can help you determine if it’s the right time to sell or wait!

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