What Must I Disclose When Selling My Home As-Is in Las Vegas


If you’re preparing to sell your home as-is, you might be wondering if you need to provide a disclosure to the cash buyers. After all, an as-is sale means that the buyers are going to purchase your home in the condition it’s in and you are not required to make any repairs. So is a disclosure really necessary? 


Yes, disclosures are still legally required in cash sales. You must answer every question on the seller’s disclosure property-condition form used by the state of Nevada. The benefit to selling as-is means that you don’t have to worry about remediating any of the flaws that you disclose. 


So what types of issues must you share when you sell your home for cash in Las Vegas? Anything that is a material fact must be disclosed. Let’s cover some examples below. 




Any fire, no matter how long ago it was, must be disclosed. As long as you repaired the damage, this shouldn’t be an issue for the buyers. Be sure to provide them with all relevant documents from the fire, including police reports, insurance claims and repairs. 


Water Damage 


Any water damage in the home must be disclosed to the buyers as well. If you’ve had the issue looked at, let the buyers know and provide them with proof of repairs. Unfortunately, water issues can return even when they are addressed, so it’s helpful for the new owners to be aware. 




You must tell your cash buyers in Las Vegas if there is mold in the home. If you took care of it, let them know what mold remediation company you used. If there is still mold in the home, the buyers will hire their own company to remove it. Cash buyers usually don’t mind buying homes like this, though the added work will be reflected in the price. 




Asbestos was used in many properties before 1978. Therefore, if you have an older home in Las Vegas, it’s possible that it might have asbestos in it. The good news is that many experts say the material is not harmful unless it’s released into the air. Nevertheless, buyers still need to be informed on this issue. 


Roof Problems 


Issues with your roof – sagging, leaking – must also be reported. A roof is a crucial part of a home, and buyers need to know if this is something that needs to be replaced when they move in. If you’re unsure of your roof’s condition, you can always request a free inspection from a roof company. 


While this list does not contain everything you need to disclose, these are some of the most important issues that your buyers will want to know about. If you’re interested in selling your home in Las Vegas for cash, you can enjoy a seamless process with buyers who won’t back out. Contact We Buy Any Vegas House for a free cash offer.

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